Co2 Emissions: Where and How?

By Brady Duquette

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Have you ever wondered what we can do to stop pollution and how it will affect the world? Well if you read on, you will find out how the CO2 that we release affects the world and the air around us.

What we need to do to stop carbon emissions.

1. Use our cars less and maybe walk a little bit

2. Use less factories and dont use the smoke

3. Raise stuff (animals) better

4. Take care of our enviorment better

What causes carbon emissions

  1. Factories producing smoke
  2. Cars producing smoke from there engines
  3. Not raising animals good enough
  4. Not taking care of our enviorment
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Effects that carbon has on the world.

  1. Coral reefs are dying
  2. The air on the earth is getting harder to breath
  3. Taking care of animals is alot harder
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Solutions that we can do to stop carbon emissions

  1. If we work together, we can stop Co2 emissions.
  2. Reefs have helped improve the sewage system
  3. As long as we stop using cars, we will produce less gases into the world
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As you can see, if we work together, we can stop pollution into this world. But if we dont help it, it could have a major effect on the world. Like for instance, The air could be harder to breath. So help stop pollution now!