Behind The News

Bouncing Bunnies

Not just your every day house pet!!!

Bunnies not just your everyday house pet you might think that all they do is sleep, eat and poop. But their definitely not on BTN we saw a very fluffy bunny called Alvin he was a bunny born to race he came from a family full of athletes. Alvin has been in training for 2 years for the showjumping. For the showjumping you need to prove that you have the skills to jump far and high, show that you can navigate and show speed. You also have to be a very excitable bunny.

The big day

The day has come and Alvin is very nervous and excited. He is given an apple so he is super active, he is given a little pep talk and heads to the show jumping. His arch rival liquorice is there but he's no match for the mighty alvin bringing home another trophy to add to his collection of 4.