What football is.

What you do in Football.

Football is basically two teams hitting each other were one of them is trying to get to a designated area to score points while running and passing the ball. The other team will try and stop then. You get four plays to go ten yards to get a first down, but after the fourth down and you have not gotten the first the ball turns over to the other team.

How it goes.

What order in the game.

Football can go any way in a game. But first you start with the coin toss to see who will kick off first and who will receive. Then when one team scores you can kick a field goal for 1 more point or go for 2 which you have to score another td from five yards away.

Odell Beckham jr

His best catch ever!

NFL vs College

In NFL and college football are the same sport, but can be really different in rules. In NFL to be called in bonus you have to have both feet in bonus, but in college you only have to have one foot in. Also in over time in NFL the first on to score a td wins no matter if the other team has not gone. But in college both teams get a chances.

Were trying

When one team scores the other team will try to too. At the end the team with the most points wins. So once the other team scores the other team will want to score too so they will have a chance of winning too.