Bsdw INC Law Firm

If you're called to trial, we'll help you in style.

What we can do!

We help defendants stuck in bad situations.
We'll help you get a verdict that's good for you.
Sometimes even making a difference in the Pretrial Conference.
Pitting the preponderance of evidence against the plaintiff.
Call us as soon as you receive your summons.
We try to avoid arbitration but a mediator to help you will be provided if requested.

What we can't do.

We do not work around appeals so if you attempt to gain an appeal you're on your own.
If the complaint is proven to be legitimate we will not attempt to unlegitimize it.
If you do not have a formal pleading prepared we will help you with it but will not prepare it for you.

Our top lawyer.

No call for help will ever go unanswered

What can we offer that other firms don't: We pride ourselves on our legitimacy. If you are being held trial for something that is unjust then we can help you. We are known for our honesty and we will therefore succeed in honest cases.