I am Malala 5 Themes

By: Braeden Major, Jason Lindsey, and Brady Robillard

Do your best

Malala always is trying to do her best when she is in school. In school there is a prize for who gets the best grades, works the hardest, and helps others and Malala tries as hard as possible to get that prize.

Move Me Quote: One Child, One teacher, One book & One pen, Can change the World.

This makes me feel like I can do anything, or do anything to change what I think is wrong.

Never Give Up

Malala never gave up, she always kept striving to get where she wanted to go. She wouldn't stop standing of for education. She was scared of the Taliban but it didn't scare her enough to slow her down.

Move Me Quote: If you hit a Taliban with your show, there is no difference between him and you. You must not treat others with cruelty. You must fight for them with peace and dialogue. This makes me feel like the world is full of fair play, and treating others the way you want to be treated. Page 119

Always Positive

Malala never said anything negative she always was positive something was going to happen. Malala always did positive things to stop the Taliban from trying to stop girls from going to school.

Move Me Quote: Plunk! Plunk! Plunk! We screamed, then we cheered. Toffees!

This makes me feel like there was hope in Swat once again and that there was another chance that they could stop the Taliban. Page 56

Always Religous

Malala is ALWAYS praying, and depending on god to help her and protect her in the fight for women's right.

Move Me Quote: The Taliban want to turn the girls of Pakistan in to identical, lifeless dolls.

This makes me remember about the time of when we owned slaves and the different races were apart and didn't have equal rights. Page 75

Very Intense

In the book, there is always violence and running from something. The Taliban had destroyed the peace in Pakistan and now the people think there will never be peace again.

Move Me Quote: "Millions of people prayed for me, and God spared me. I am still here for a reason, and it is to use my life to help people. This make me feel like I can do more than what I think I can do. Page 188