Jack Gantos

By: Justin Clark


Jack Gantos was born in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. When he was seven, he moved to Barbados. He attended British schools. By fifth grade he had managed to learn 90 percent of what he knows to this very day. When his family moved to south Florida, he found his new classmates uninterested in their studies. So he didn't have many friends, so he just went outside and read for most of the day.

Bad Life

Jack Gantos lived by himself throughout his last year of high school in southern Florida. His parents lived in St. Croix, Mexico. He loved writing, but didn't have enough money for college. So he met a guy that was smuggling drugs from St. Croix, Mexico to New York for $10,000. Jack immediately took him up on this offer. After Jack learned how to sail, they hopped on a sail boat and went north. Jack was traveling with another guy named Hamilton. A couple weeks after they reached New York, they were arrested for smuggling and in the possession of marijuana.

Good Life

Jack only did 1 year out out 6 years of jail time. He then went to college and started writing books for all ages. The book that I read was Hole In My Life. It is about his journey smuggling drugs to New York. This book has many awards and honors.