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Ship Sinks!

This past weekend, a sunken ship was found on the bottom of the ocean. There are no known survivors of the wreck, but people are cautioned to watch out for ragged newcomers. Experts say that it is likely that these shipwrecked seamen were pirates and are warning everyone to be wary of strangers on the street. There is a high chance that the seamen have come to our Illyria for refuge.

Love At First Sight?

New studies show the truth behind "love at first sight"

If you've ever had the thought that you've just met the love of your life, then you might have have fallen into the trap of "love at first sight". Scientists have experimented with this saying and they have found that love itself takes time to develop. They have concluded that true love at first sight is not possible, though a temporary infatuation is very likely. Next time you think you're in love, think about whether you really are.