koppen climate area

by: Pavan Susarla

Climate code: CWA

My code is classified as a Humid subtropical area between 20 and 40º north and south.


  • Onshore air movement in the summer
  • Cyclonic storms in the winter
  • Warm with distinctly dry winter
  • Average temperature of warmest month is over 22ºC/72ºF/295 Kelvin
  • Average temperature of coldest month is under 18ºC/64.4ºF/291 kelvin and over -3ºC/26.6ºF/270 Kelvin
  • Experiences winter drought.
  • Monsoons in Asia

Locations with this code

  • Southeastern United States
  • Southeastern South America
  • Coastal Southeastern South Africa
  • Northeastern India

Factors controlling this climate

The factors controlling this climate are wind, wind currents ocean currents and ocean temperate air.

Nearby location that differs

Kansas is very close to the Cwa zone however it is not considered in the Cwa zone because of the continentality of the state.

Interesting facts

In areas of south asia in this climate the temperature can go up to 40ºC/104ºF/313 Kelvin.
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Flora adaptions

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Fauna adaptions

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Human impact

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