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News for the Week of April 4th


Dear Parents,

As the excitement of spring break looms we are experiencing more behavior issues-in all classes. Please check in with your child about their behavior, especially during specials (Spanish, PE, etc.)

Parents are asked to sign the communication books and now the reading log located in your child's book baggie EVERY NIGHT. Please support your child in developing their responsibility by implementing a routine at home.

Our service projects are STILL happening, its just taking more time and coordination than I had planned! The ids are focused and motivated and I hope we wrap them up by next week!

In Math we are studying a unit on extended addition (this is the beginning of multiplication). We are using the idea of floors and rooms to begin working with arrays. Please see the Family Math Letter sent home today to support your child's understandings and new learning. We are also connecting ideas of measurement and concepts of engineering into our Unit Of Inquiry on Energy and experimenting with designs to see the power of potential vs. kinetic energy and understand the relationship between the two.

There seems to be some confusion about IXL. IXL is intended to supplement your child's math understandings. Your child is told which letter to work on. Students should only spend between 10 and 20 minutes a night doing math. IXL is not the ONLY resource to use for math homework. Please see me if you have additional questions! is great source for flash card practice (levels 1, 2, and 3 right now)

In Writing, we finished up our unit on Voice and writing from the 3rd and 1st perspectives. NEXT Monday, we will begin our unit on Writing Poetry. Poetry is a great and low-risk way for kids to explore vocabulary, rhythms, intonation, and practice voice!!! We will also be working through the writing process (draft, edit, revise, publish) throughout the month of April! We have a few VERY exciting activities planned for our Poetry Unit!

In Reading, we are now very focused on guided reading using the IPICK strategy to select 'just right' books. Raz kids is back up and running and now your child is going home everyday with a plastic zip lock bag filled with 3-4 leveled readers. In this bag, your child also has a reading log THEY are responsible for filling out and asking for your INITIALS. A few parents have neglected to sign this log all week, please get into a habit of initially this yellow paper EVERY NIGHT. Next week we will continue working with texts about energy in our guided reading groups.

We are becoming energy experts! Ask your kids questions about energy and resources! Next week we will be looking closer at wind and solar energy and at home we will be working on a sound energy project!!!

Just a few reminders for next week:

  • Please welcome Ms. Janina!! Our new second grade assistant!
  • We are in need of old ADULT sized Tshirts for a special earth day activity!
  • Please remember the many events happening for Reading week!
  • We are building a museum in the classroom. Any science artifacts or collections or books are appreciated! Thanks for the donations that have arrived this week!
  • I am researching and preparing for a workshop to share in April on Math. The tentative date for this workshop will be on a Thursday in April (I hope). It is getting REALLY busy! Again, please let me know if this interest you and if you will likely attend.
  • Our Easter Party is April 11th, Natalia will be in touch soon to coordinate!
  • On April 25th (a change from last week) we will celebrate EARTH day. I will need a few volunteers in the afternoon.
  • I need 1-2 sewing machines and sewers for a special project happening on Friday, April 25th!
  • We also need 4-6 packets of grass (or similar) seeds for donation, along with 1 small bag of soil.
  • Please send in any old green or blue (or greenish or blueish crayons)
  • Please note there will be no school on Thursday April 24th because of students led conferences. The office will contact you regarding the times.
  • Please note on Wednesday, April 23rd we will be on a field trip for most of the day, Please sign and return the permission slip by MONDAY if you have not already.

from the kids!

April 4th, 2014

Dear Families,

We had a brilliant week! We have been busy the whole week! We are glad it is Friday.

In Math, we are continuing to build floors and room structures as a way to understand multiplication. Multiplication is extended addition! We are skip counting and looking at patterns and numbers too. We are still working with calculators and probability!

In Reading, we are preparing for Reading week next week. We have reflected on our favorite book as individuals and as a class we decided to create a display for Diary of a Wimpy Kid. We also have been reading nonfiction books about different types of energy.

In writing, we are totally back into Daily 5! We worked on our action plans and made posters for our causes. This week we finished and displayed our Me Posters. We also worked on writing and sharing facts about energy. We also completed our new job applications.

This week we ended our Unit of Inquiry on Global Contributors and began totally focusing on energy! We are learning about energy and building roller coasters to test our understandings of potential vs. kinetic energy.

With love,

Ms. Jessyca's Grade 2 class

When asked "Can you name a type of energy?" The kids replied with...

Juan Ber said "Electricity"

Valentina said "Solar"

Valeria said "Light energy (solar and electricity)"

David answered with "(from) food"

Martin responded "renewable"

Isaac answered "hydro (water)"

Luis replied "static electricity"

Manuela said "kinetic"

Maisy said "gas"

Maiya answered "renewable"

Maria Sol thought "nonrenewable"

Jeremias said "oil"

Isabela said "wind"

Vicky said "in motion (kinetic)"

Maria Ale said "nonrenewable"

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