Essential Oils

What are they? How can they help me? How do I use them?

Just What are Essential Oils anyway?

Essential oils are the lifeblood of a plant. They are naturally occurring and what allows a plant to "heal itself." Many of the things that essential oils do for plants, they can do for us as well.

How do Essential Oils work?

-Essential Oils can cross the Blood/Brain Barrier
-Other substances that can cross are: gasoline, pesticides, cleaning solutions. air pollutants, etc.

-EOs can reverse and rewrite the cell damage that these toxins have created
-EOs are so small that they work on a cellular level

- Absorbed into bloodstream = 26 seconds
-Every cell in body = 21 minutes
-Made up of the compounds phenols (clean receptor cell sites), monoterpenes (reprogram miswritten info), sesquinterpenes (erase miswritten cellular codes)

So How do I use them?

So Why can't I use EOs from Whole Foods or Earth Fare?

If you look at a label, it will say
-Dilute properly
-May irritate skin

-Not for internal use

To me, this indicates that this is NOT a therapeutic grade essential oil. Instead, it is an aroma grade. This means it might smell ok, but it isn't intended to have the same healing properties and benefits that therapeutic grade oils have. Most likely, this is an indication that this oils has been cut with a synthetic substance to make it cheaper to mass produce. Young Living oils DO go out of stock. This is a good thing!! If oils never go out of stock, it more than likely means they are being created in a lab, which is something I do not want to apply, inhale, or ingest.

Seed to Seal Garauntee

Young Living goes through a five step process to ensure you get the highest quality essential oil:

Seed- High quality seeds
Cultivate-YL owns their own farms and cultivates the ground (soil prep, water, sunlight, no pesticides, weeding by hand)
Distill-YL using only first distillation (uncompromised during extraction)
Test-in house and third party
Seal-Sealed with a batch number
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