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Plus technology & instructional talking points to consider.


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Documentary: Most Likely to Succeed

Check out the trailer! It follows a project-based and cross curriculum infused campus that encourages the soft skills we should use to mold our thinking about education in our school.

Maker Space

Maker Spaces provide students the opportunity to create different things by using problem-solving skills and creativity.

Goal: When students ask, "What should this look like?"

The response should be, "What do you think?- it's your creation!"

The Cardboard Challenge grabbed our attention!

We learned SO MUCH MORE!!

Tammy's Technology Tips was one of the most useful sessions. Check out her tips for teachers here.

Please ask us if you have any questions about how to use technology in your classroom.

Michala Price - Technology Facilitator

Brittney Hennigh - 8th ELA

Vanessa Oliver - Librarian

Shannon Mims - Testing Coordinator