Westward Expansion

Native Americans

A Breif Overveiw

Westward Expansion is the name for the Settlers movement from the east to the western parts of North America that occurred 1828-1861. During this time the Settlers tried to either kill or make friends with the Native Americans, resulting in more than a few deaths.


Starvation was a problem that could've been solved by communication and trading. Some realized this and survived, others didn't and died.
Westward Expansion

An issue

Did you know that the Buffalo almost went extinct during the expansion? When only the Natives hunted them, there was 15-60 million Buffalo. When the white men came to the Americas, the Buffalo numbers decreased immensely. In the 1870's the Buffalo population was estimated to be just under 1,000 left.

An Issue

Communication was a major factor in all the lives lost and saved, if the settlers would've better communicated, then the Native Americans probably would've helped them.

The groups involvement

Native Americans were involved in the Westward Expansion. They helped the movement, and *tried* to put a stop to it.

They helped by teaching settlers to hunt and navigate.

They prevented it by attacking the settlers.