My 2014-2015 School Year

The year I......


In my 2014-2015 School Year I like many others, experienced several changes in my life. One major change that I had this year was playing Bantam AA hockey. Another significant change that I had this year was how sometimes I felt shy during school. Also another major change that I experienced during this school year was how I spent/spend my free time. Continuing, one more change that I experienced this year was thinking further into my future specifically in terms of hockey or my hockey career. Lastly, one more change that I experienced during this school year was coming and going of teammates and friends.


First, this hockey season I played Bantam hockey which involved a new aspect of hitting or checking. Before the season I did a few hitting lessons or practiced hitting and it helped me out, but I was still a little timid at the beginning of the season. As you can see in the picture below I was one of the smallest players on our team so I tried not to hit the big guys that much. Our team did pretty well this season even though we didn't make playoffs. Also, we traveled to a couple out of state tournaments and came 2nd in a tournament in Vancouver B.C. To conclude, I think that my team's 2014-2015 hockey season was a great year and I enjoyed it very much.
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Secondly, during this school year at times especially during the beginning of the year I felt shy at times. I felt shy because, like we have recently learned in Unit R-P, boys going through puberty sometimes have higher voices or voice cracks. Sometimes during classes I was nervous to raise my hand to be called on because I didn't want to talk out loud in front of the class. This was mainly a problem at the beginning of the year and as the first two months of schools rolled by I settled into my classes and was more comfortable.

(below is an article about voice cracks with boys)

Next, throughout the school year the way I spent my free time multiple different ways. Most of the year I spent my year enjoying my free time by playing video games and training for hockey. Later on in the year and recently, I started to spend my free time playing with RC cars and I recently got a new RC car which I enjoy playing with. Also, throughout the year I trained for hockey and trained more towards the end of the year. Throughout the year I played video games on and off or from time to time. In conclusion, throughout the year my free time I would say came more productive with more training, but I still enjoyed my free time.
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Furthermore, another change that I had this year was thinking about the future in hockey and learning more information about hockey careers. I mainly learned more about the future of hockey and information about hockey careers when I went to an NAHL Future Prospects Camp. I attended an informational seminar about the NAHL where I learned a lot about hockey careers. This helped me out a lot a in terms of learning about paths and ways to the NHL similar to what I was working on in my Genius Hour project. In conclusion, I learned a lot about where I would like to go in the future in hockey and additional information about hockey including other outside of hockey important helpful information.
Lastly, the last of my list of changes that I experienced this year was creating new friendships with teammates. During my hockey season this year I created new friends and furthered my previous friend relationships. At the end of the season, some of my teammates who were on my team this season are older then me and went to the next level of hockey so they won't be on my team next season. Even though that means I won't see some of my friends that means I have the opportunity to create new friendships this upcoming hockey season. In conclusion, even though I won't play and spend time with my old teammates from last season, I have the chance to make new friends this season.
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In conclusion, these changes mainly made my life more informed, more fun, and exciting. Mainly I wish nothing happened differently maybe except for maybe if my hockey team won more tournaments or made the playoffs. I am stoked about what I do that interests me in my free time including my training which helped me to lose weight over the school year and my new found interests. I am stoked about my new team this year if I hopefully make it because it has a lot of potential and can be a very good team in the country. My new team will be made at tryouts tomorrow night so hopefully I can play well and make it on to this very good team. Thank you for the amazing school year Mrs. McCabe and I am thankful that you were my science teacher this year and I loved to be in your class for the 2014-2015 school year, thank you very MUCH Mrs. McCabe!!!