The Jefferson Journal January 11th

Have a great weekend Jaguars

Student Messages

With over 400 students at Thomas Jefferson, it is very difficult to deliver personal messages throughout the day. Please make every attempt to make after school plans, transportation decisions, where your child should meet you, etc., ahead of time. The end of the day gets very busy. Emergency situations are different. We will do our best to help, should you have an emergency.

Con más de 400 estudiantes en Thomas Jefferson, es muy difícil de transmitir mensajes personales durante el día. Por favor haga cada intento de hacer planes para después de escuela, decisiones de transporte, dónde su niño debe reunirse con usted, etc., con anticipación. El final del día se vuelve muy ocupado. Situaciones de emergencia son diferentes. Harémos lo mejor de parte de nosotros para ayudar, debería usted tener una emergencia.

Peb muaj le 400 tug mivnyuas nyob tom Thomas Jefferson nuav, tej thaum peb qha tsi tau tug mivnyuas yaam kws xaav tau. Thov meb nrug cov mivnyuas sib thaam ua ntej tug mivnyuas tuaj kawm ntawv. Saib leejtwg yuav tuaj tog koj tug mivnyuas los yog mivnyuas yuav moog qhov twg thaum lawb ntawv. Thaum mivnyuas kawm ntawv taag peb tseem muaj ntau yaam haujlwm ua hab. Yog has tas muaj yaam tseem ceeb peb le mas paab le paab tau.

Mark Your Calendar - Spring Concert Date

Mark your calendars for our Spring Concert on

Thursday, March 14, 2019.

It will be in the Wausau West Auditorium

at 6:30 pm.

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Blessings in a Backpack Program

A Special thank you to the Blessings in a Backpack DE Everest- Wausau program for being able to adopt the Jefferson Blessing Program. They will be providing the bags for all the students we currently serve but be able to do it more efficiently because of the scale.

Safety Patrol of the Week

Emily Y is a 4th grade student in Mrs. Riggs’ classroom. Her favorite subjects are reading and library. When she is not at school, Emily enjoys playing with her siblings and peacefully reading. She enjoys safety patrol because she gets to cross kids safely across the roads so they get to school and home safely.

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PBIS Movie Award

The PBIS Team would like to reward your students for their great behavior before and after winter break. The students who have earned enough paws throughout the last few months will be rewarded with a movie day on January 17th. Students will use their paws to pick a movie of their choice, eat popcorn, and drink a juice box. The movie choices for students in grades K-2 are Small Foot and Finding Dory. Both of these movies are rated G. The movies for students in grades 3-5 are Wonder and The Greatest Showman. The movies are rated PG. This is an awesome reward that most students look forward to. If you would not like your student to watch a certain movie, please contact your students classroom teacher. Thank you!

Premio de Película de PBIS

El equipo de PBIS le gustaría premiar a sus estudiantes por su excelente comportamiento antes y después de las vacaciones de invierno. Los estudiantes que hayan ganado suficientes palmas (paws) en los últimos meses serán recompensados ​​con un día de película el 17 de enero. Los estudiantes usarán sus palmas (paws) para elegir una película de su elección, comer palomitas de maíz y beber un jugo de caja. Las opciones de películas para los estudiantes en los grados K-2 son Pie Pequeño y Buscando a Dory (Small Foot and Finding Dory). Ambas películas tienen una clasificación G (General). Las películas para estudiantes de los grados 3-5 son Extraordinario y El Gran Showman (Wonder and The Greatest Showman). Las películas están clasificadas PG (Orientación de los Padres). Esta es una recompensa increíble que la mayoría de los estudiantes esperan. Si no desea que su estudiante vea una película determinada, comuníquese con el maestro del aula de su estudiante. ¡Gracias!

Lub PBIS Yuav Saib Movie

Paab kws saib xyuas lub PBIS xaav muaj ib qho khoom plig rua cov mivnyuas vim yog mivnyuas kawm tau ntawv zoo hab noog lug ua ntej peb su hab tom qaab. Cov mivnyuas kws tau cov Jaguar Paw txaus tau saib ib dlaim movie lub Ib Hli Ntuj 17. Mivnyuas yuav siv puab cov Paw xaiv dlaim movie, yuav pob kws noj hab juice haus. Cov movie kws mivnyuas K txug Qaib 2 tau xaiv hu ua Small Foot hab Finding Dory. Ob dlaim movie nuav yog Rated G (Movie kws mivnyuas saib tau ib leej xwb. Nam txiv tsi taag nyob ntawm nrug tug mivnyuas saib). Ob dlaim movie tom qaab hov yog mivnyuas Qaib 3-5 yuav xaiv. Ib dlaim hu ua Wonder, ib dlaim hu ua The Greatest Showman. Ob dlaim movie nuav yog Rated PG (Movie kwm mivnyuas saib tau tab si nam txiv yuav tsum qhuab qha hab. Qhov nuav yog ib qho zoo heev rua cov mivnyuas yau. Puab zoo sab hab tog tsi tau saib. Yog has tas koj tsi xaav kuas koj tug mivnyuas nrug peb saib movie thov hu xuvtooj rua tug mivnyuas tug Nai khu paub. Ua tsaug!
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Important news for next week

Tuesday, January 15th

  • 4th Grade Visits the School Forest

Thursday, January 17th

  • Last Day of G2M After school Session 2

Friday, January 18th

  • 11:30 AM Early Dismissal

Noticias Importantes Para La Próxima Semana

Martes 15 de enero

  • 4° Grado Visitará La Escuela del Bosque

Jueves 17 de enero

  • Último día del programa después de clases Sesión 2 de G2M

Viernes 18 de enero

  • Salida Temprana a las 11:30 AM

Yaam Tseem Ceeb Lwm Lub Asthiv

Tuesday, Ib Hli 15

  • Qaib 4 Moog tom School Forest

Thursday, Ib Hli 17

  • Lub Program G2M Lawb Ntawv Qho 2 taag lawm

Friday, Ib Hli 18

  • Lawb thaum 11:30 taav su

3rd grade playing Math games

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Please Click Below for Some Wonderful Family Opportunities Through Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Playground News and Notes

The cold Wisconsin weather is upon us! Parents....PLEASE make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the playground. When there is snow on the ground, students MUST be wearing ALL OF the "Magic 5" to play in the snow: 1) Warm jacket 2) Hat 3) Mittens/gloves 4) Boots 5) Snow pants. We want our students to be safe and warm at recess!!!

If anyone is in need of Winter clothing please contact

Sara Welsh 715-261-0184

Erin Lauersdorf 715-261-182

From Mrs. Bennett - Teacher for the After School Sewing Class...

While visiting my mom in the nursing home, I noticed the need for catheter bag covers. I knew this wasn't going to be a very glamorous sewing project, so I asked the students if they were willing to do it. They all overwhelmingly said, "yes." Then, I told them I didn't have a pattern, but we'd work that out. Well, Barron asked if he could get going on it right away.

In the last sewing class, he sketched out a potential pattern, ran it by me, then took home some fabric and made it! The next morning, he brought in a completed, functional catheter bag cover! I was amazed! By the way, that's when I had to give him the bad news, Mom's nursing home is no longer using the heart shaped bag. Now they are going with a triangular one. He said, "Well, let me work on that, Mrs. Bennett." So he gathered up a large sheet of paper and a bundle of fabric. He is planning to work on it this weekend!

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If you need help or translation please feel free to email or call

Contactos para nuestro increíble equipo de traductores y profesores de EL.

Hu rau peb pab pawg neeg txhais lus thiab cov xibfwb qhia EL

Paokee Xiong - EL Teacher -
Lisa Alexander - EL Teacher -
Sara Goldberg - EL/1st Grade Spanish Bilingual Teacher -
Lisa Thomas - EL/Kindergarten Spanish Bilingual Teacher -
Edgar Gomez Oviedo - Spanish Translator -
Eileen Thao - Hmong Translator -
Kristie Chang - Hmong EL Paraprofessional -
James Lor - Hmong EL Paraprofessional -
Samantha Kniess - 4K Spanish Bilingual Teacher -
Luz Svitak- 4K Spanish EL Paraprofessional -