Hero's Journey stages 9-12

The Reward

Atalanta is rewarded with the skin of the boar that she helped Meleager kill.

-- Meleagers mother killed him because he made a fool of himself by giving Atalanta the skin.

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The Road Back

The killing of the boar was just the beginning of her adventures. Some say that she sailed with the Agronauts, but she was never in any of their stories so she probably didnt go. The next time people heard from her was when Medea had killed Jasons uncle, Pelias. She appeared as one of the contestants at his funeral games. She won a wrestling match against the father of Achilles, Peleus.

The Resurrection

She finds her parents and ends up living with them. Her parents tell her that she needs to marry. The first man to beat her in a foot race, is the man she will marry. The man she races against, Melanion, throws 3 solid gold apples that any living being could not resist to distract her. Every time she picked one up she slowed down. Melanion ended up beating her and he became her husband.
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Return With The Elixir

The gods punished the king, Oeneus, because he forgot her when he was scarificing the first fruits at the harvest-time, and a boar is sent to kill him. She brings peace to the city by killing the boar. She ends up saving the king .