Dance Worx

Immy Smith-Dunn


The trend for businesses at the moment is to be ethical. For a business to run smoothly it has to be ethical, ethics means if a business is doing the right or wrong thing. This includes getting resources locally so that there is less pollution, treating staff fairly, and using Eco-friendly power sources.

A business needs to make sure that they are being ethical this mean treating the staff at their company right and having the right conditions to work if a business is not doing this then they aren't being ethical. Another way to be ethical is have your resources made locally and not getting them imported from china. If a business it not being ethical then they wont get many customers this is because people are getting more wear of they condition that people in china are working in and how old they when they are working. Also they wouldn’t get anyone applying for a job at their business if they had bad working conditions. The resources that my business needs will be locally for example I can buy ballet bars and mirrors from local providers, as well as a it being environmentally friendly it is also ethically friendly because they will be made with in the Harrogate area and they products will not be traveling far which means that there is less pollution.

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the unemployment rate has gone down because of this people are asking for higher wages.

Population changes with life expectancy getting higher, this means that for small businesses there are more people to employ.

Social media is recruiting well known you tubers and viner’s such as Hayes Grier, Taylor Caniff and others, this mean that they only pay them when they advertise the product or business.


A company needs to make sure that they are being environmentally friendly this means that if a company needs to chop down any trees that they will plant two trees for every one tree they chop down and that they are using sustainable wood. Businesses needs to cut down on the miles that their products travel, this would mean there is less harmful emission into the atmosphere.


All of the new technology coming in to the modern age the more tech entering the shops and taking people jobs, there are self checkouts on line shopping, home delivery. As a result of this the rate of unemployment has risen.

With this happening people are losing their jobs for example there are self checkouts that do the cashiers job for them. Also there is online shopping because of this people are sitting at home ordering on the internet, this mean that there is less need for the employs work in the shop because customers don’t feel the need to get when it can be delivered. Because of all of the on line shopping and home delivery people will have less reason to go it to the shops so the shops will shut down and there will be no high street shops any more.