Titus Arias 5th

how it began

after the native american uprising and the attack on buffalo hunters at Adobe Walls, president grant put the army-rather than goverment agents- in charge of native americans affairs in west texas. some native americans registered at agencies set up on the reservations. about 4,000-mostly comanches,kiowas,and cheyenne-did not. some of these people based their camps in canyons and valleys in texas panhandle. there approximately 1,200 warriors prepared for the final defense of their land.they did not a long time.

how it ended

3,000 troops moved oninto camps and did the most battles at those camps the first battle was called red river campagn and it was fought in late agust 1874. the army -who seemed pretty lazy-searched in late spring, the texas rangers joined the fight and they fought and fought and fought untill they had 21 battles with native americans.

heres a kinda like timeline(with photos)