Glam Girls Newsletter

March 2013

Spring is in the air...

Spring is on it's way which means time for tree's to grow and flowers to bloom. This being said, our team is well on it's way with the change of seasons. Our team is flourishing and growing into something great and beautiful. Welcome to all of you new designers who have joined our fabulous team!!!

Make This Month Eggstra Special!

Spring Sales

Now is the time to plant the seeds and watch your business grow.

There are alot of spring events so look for them and book yourself at vendor events. This is a great way to get sales, book parties, and get your name out there.

Contact your customers and see if they would like to purchase additional charms, dangles, a new chain. There are several ways to make money, without having to sell new lockets.

Host a jewelry bar at your home this month. Place a bunch of plastic eggs in a basket and have each purchasing guest grab one at check out. You can have little coupons inside each egg - free shipping, a free charm, etc.

Keep your FB page active - make sure to post comments at least a couple of times per week. And I would suggest posting other things besides just lockets. Post things you would want to see - inspirational quotes, fashion, cooking. Keep it intersting and making people want to like your page.