Anastasia Sperling and Mizuki Yasumoto

Voting Online and Digital Identification Documentation.

"I AM USA" is an online voting community that allows you to have all your identification documents on you at all time. You will be able to vote anywhere, not just at city hall and not just for the president. You can vote for all leaders all the down to the mayor in your town and you can not only vote on leaders, but decisions being made during their term as well. You may vote "yes" or "no" on all these topics and can make comments anonymously where those can be voted on as well. This company would encourage more people to vote and to be more passionate about politics and/or our government. This is a completely new and revolutionary ideas no legitimate competitors exist in this market yet. Our target market is 18-30 years old because you must be eighteen years old to vote. Also, this particular generation is the future of the technological voting industry. "I AM USA" is simply trying to change the democratic system as well as voting for the future of American Society. My goal is not only to keep our nation safer, but give people more freedom in our government.

We have indeed tried to contact people in order to make a social media website. It can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 for website that requires a membership like so. We do however know how we can pay off this debt. We will be making money off the documents we provide in our identifications tabs. We will be selling forms of them.

Mission Statement

To provide every voter in America the right to vote on not only leaders, but their ideas carried out during their term as well as offer our leaders feedback anywhere and everywhere from a personal technological device as well as having their identification documents and personal information protected and with them at all times.