Fue hair transplant in Pakistan

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Increasing demand of Fue hair transplant in Pakistan

Why people get Fue hair transplant in Pakistan? FUE (follicular unit transplant) is one of the basic technique of hair transplant in Pakistan used to restore hairs from bald area of scalp. Back in 19th century, in Japan, surgeons used “follicle units grafts” to recover affected hairy areas of eyelashes and eyebrows. This technique, later on, became advance in 1950s when dermatologists in New York started experimentation on male pattern baldness.

Now it has become pretty much familiar in Pakistan and using for many years. There are basically two methods used in hair transplanting process: FUE (follicular unit extraction and FUT (follicular unit transplant) but mostly FUE is preferred by surgeons for some reasons like it is less painful and stitch free method. One to four hairs from each follicle is transplanted from hairy areas to bald one. Surgeons (uses special needle) pick one by one follicle with the help of micro punch and directly transplant to bald areas of scalp.

In FUT method, a narrow strip of scalp is taken and cut into several units and then transplant to scalp. Some surgeons uses both methods whichever is suitable to patient.

Both procedures are done under local anesthesia. In Pakistan, people mostly chooses FUE method because it is more reliable and widely practiced now. One main reason is that It only leaves with less noticeable scars after surgery than FUT and there is no need of staples and stitches required after surgery in this process. Only 5% to 10% patients are recommended FUT which is much painful and time consuming process in order to heal wounds properly.

Sometimes it may cause difficulties in recovering wounds left after transplant and it may also leaves prominent scars of stitches. So, FUE is speedy method than strip method. There are two types of appointment options for patients. One is to perform with this procedure in a single long session and the other one is multiple small sessions depending upon the patient’s condition of baldness. The procedure of FUE is not much longer than FUT and can be repeated after one month and can apply on tight scalp whereas, strip method cannot be use on tight skin. The patient may face redness in skin and small wounds for few hours after surgery but patient can recover soon. It maximum takes 4 to 6 days but strip method usually take up to 21 day for recovery.

In some cases, surgeons recommend not to do yoga, gym and swimming for some days after strip method but there is no such issue for the patient who goes under FUE process. FUE is the best method for the people who want to have short hairs because this technique is efficient in growing selected follicles with high number of hairs. It provides people with natural looking results with fast healing process. However it costs more than FUT. Drugs suggested by surgeons after surgery may cause stomach ache and diarrhea but people prefer this method because of its convenience and early recovery. Cosmoderma clinic is a famous clinic for Fue hair transplant in Pakistan due to thick frontal hairline and impressive results. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is accepting challenging cases to repair like Body hair transplant in Pakistan and people travel from abroad for corrective surgery procedure.