Anastasia Davydova

A Famous Russian Swimmer By Jayden d

Personal Life

Anastasia was born at Moscow, Russia on Feb 2nd 1983 and hasn't died yet.She is currently 31 and lives in home town Moscow.

The story of Anastasia Davydova becoming famous...

Anastasia has participated in various sports since the age of 3 including rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating and dancing.But after her first synchronized swimming lesson, Anastasia realized that this occupation was ideally suited to her.She graduated from Moscow University in 2002. Synchronized swimming is a sport where a team of swimmers perform coordinated or identical movements in time of music. Synchronized swimming was first introduced in 1984 in Los Angeles Games. The equipment used in synchronized swimming are a swimsuit, underwater speakers, googles,and nose-clip. That is what I learned about synchronized swimming and Anastasia Davydova.

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In 2004 Anastasia Davydova was sent to defend Russia's honor at the Olympic Games in Athens. The athletes won two gold medal's. The next Olympics in Beijing was the high point for the girls. They again became Olympic champions.

Then for some time, Davydova left swimming and until the World Cup in 2011, she followed the competition from the stands. But after gathering strength, Anastasia returned to sport. At the Olympic Games in London, the champion took part in a group presentation. The Russian synchronized swimmers took first place, and Davydova won her fifth Olympic gold. After that, the athlete announced the end of her sports career.