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Week of March 27th

Kindergarten Registration is Monday from 4-7pm.

It's Time to Register for Kindergarten!

Reminder: The new age cutoff is in effect this year. Students who turn 5 AFTER August 1st will wait another year to enter kindergarten.

What do I bring to registration?

1. My child's social security card and birth certificate
2. Proof of residency (a bill works great)
3. Medical paperwork (immunization record, eye screening, dental screening, medical screening...all on official paperwork contained in the registration packet)
4. My child.

You can find registration packets on our school website or we will have plenty of copies at the event for you to complete on site.

We are a Leader in Me School. What does that mean?

The Leader in Me is a full school transformation model, not a program. The idea is to build a school operating system that best serves our children as learners and as citizens, to assist them in developing habits that will help them be more successful in life now and in the future, and to develop individuals who can lead their own lives.

We operate under 5 paradigms: Change starts with each individual person. Teachers should assist students in developing his or her whole person (not simply the academic side). Everyone can lead. Everyone has genius (a gift that each person brings to the table...a strength...something that helps you lead.) And finally, Educators are challenged to allow children to lead their own learning.

We teach habits of mind that are important not just in the classroom, but on the soccer field and at home. Students learn to put first things first...what is most important should be finished first. Work then play. Students learn to listen to others for the purpose of understanding, not to build their own case. Seek first to understand and then to be understood. Students learn to work together more effectively through the habit of Synergy. ...and many more.

The change in the community of Longbanch can be described best as night and day. There is a buzz thoughout our building all day every day as children keep their eyes open for opportunities to lead and assist and synergize in the best interest of the community, there is a common belief that every child can and will lead with their strengths, there is an empowerment that we did not see previously as children create their own opportunities to lead and succeed, and there is a general feeling that this family of learners can achieve anything they put their minds to.

Want to hear from our students about how The Leader in Me has affected them? Watch the video below.

Parent training will begin soon for those that would like to bridge this teaching from school to home. Please contact our parent trainers for more information: meredith.larison@boone.kyschools.us, susan.alig2@boone.kyschools.us, stacie.kegley@boone.kyschools.us, or brittany.pendleton@boone.kyschools.us
Leader in Me Video

State Testing Window May 9-15

Please do not schedule appointments in the mornings for your 3rd, 4th, or 5th graders during this window of time. These are our district's chosen 5 days to test for elementary students. 3rd and 4th graders will be finished testing by Friday. 5th grade only will test on Monday.

Habits 101...Scroll Below

Check out our down and dirty explanation of each of the 7 habits below (right under the parent leadership opportunities).

This Week's Events

Parent Leadership Information and Events

Spring Carnival Plans are Underway!

We will be hosting a Spring Carnival at Longbranch on Saturday April 29th!

Planning is underway but we would love more help! We need people to help with games/booths, food, decorating & signage, prizes, clean up, supplies and SO much more!

Please contact amanda.scroggin24@gmail.com for questions or if you’d like to help with the event!

Yearbook Photos


If you’d like to make sure your child and his/her activities at Longbranch make it in the yearbook for this year, then please send your photos to us!

Our yearbook coordinator cannot be at all the awesome events that go on with our students throughout the year and needs your help in making sure we get a large variety of kids and activities included in the book!

Please email photos that you would like to submit for possible inclusion in the yearbook, along with the names and grade of the students in each picture, to longbranchyearbook@gmail.com. If you would rather send them in another format that is fine too!

Any questions, contact the VP of Communications, Rachel Pearson, at communications.longbranchpta@gmail.com.

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Questions? Need help logging in?

Contact: waysandmeans.longbranchpta@gmail.com

Kroger Cards Help Generate BIG MONEY for Our School

Kroger donates 4% of all money you spend after you scan your Kroger Plus card as long as you connect the Plus card to our Longbranch PTA account.

If 400 families connected their cards and spent $100 a week at Kroger, each family would make $4 per week. That's $1600 a week. That's $19,000 a quarter. That's unreal. That's plain and simple easy money.

We encourage you to visit Kroger.com and create an account. Click Community Rewards. Search for Longbranch and connect your plus card with Longbranch PTA. It's the EASIEST fundraiser you'll ever participate in, period.


7 Habits 101

Sharpen the Saw!

Students who sharpen the saw regularly have a greater output of performance in work or school tasks. To sharpen the saw means you take time to nurture your mind, body, and soul so you can be your best you. Tagline: Balance is best.

LOOKS LIKE: From an adult perspective, you take time daily to mediate, walk the dog, read for enjoyment, attend a painting class, play an instrument, run with a friend, etc. Daily you or your child participate in something that brings you joy and balance to your life. Did you just say, "I don't have time for that"? You don't NOT have time for that. There's very solid research that would tell you that if you do this daily, your productivity will skyrocket.

Spring Events

Tuesdays and Wednesdays: Girls on the Run after school

April 3: Star Spring Benchmark Window Opens and 2nd Grade to the Nature Center
April 6: Lifetouch Spring Pictures
April 7: Spirit Day: Flip Flop Friday and Popcorn Friday
April 10-14: Spring Break
April 19: 2nd Grade to the Nature Center
April 20: School Board Meeting at 7:30pm and Kona Ice Day
April 24: Club Day
April 26: Administrative Professionals Day
April 28: 1st Grade to the Zoo
May 2 and 4: Student Led Conferences
May 5: Spirit Day--Hat Day and Popcorn Friday and 5th Grade Lock In
May 8: Jim Basketball Jones Assembly!
May 9: SBDM at 4:30 and Boone County Honor Choir at Erpenbeck at 6pm

May 9-15: State Testing Window
May 11: School Board Meeting
May 12: Kona Ice Day
May 18: Florence Freedom Night

May 19: WIG Celebration Day
May 24: Last Day for Students and Spirit Day: Sign My Shirt Day and 5th Grade Promotion (tentative)

*The final day of school is tentatively May 24th for students. This is pending approval by the school board at the March or April board meeting. To date, we have missed 1 full day and three 2-hour delays due to inclement weather. This may adjust the final day of school.

*After the board has established the official last day of school, we will work with our feeder middle schools and high school to establish a 5th grade promotion night, a Kindergarten celebration of learning event, staff vs. student basketball game, 5th grade lock in, and field days.

Our W.I.G.s (Wildly Important Goals) for 2016-2017

Updated 12/2016

  • ATTENDANCE: From 96.97% in December to 97% average daily attendance by March 15, 2017.

  • Current: 96.97%


    2nd grade: Raise the average percentile rank for 2nd grade students from 59th percentile to the 70th percentile of the nation by May 2017.

  • Winter Checkup for 2nd Grade Math:
  • 2nd Grade: 73rd percentile

  • 3rd-5th grade: Raise the average percentile rank for 3rd-5th grade students from 73rd percentile to the 80th percentile of the nation by May 2017.

    Winter Checkup for 3rd-5th Math:

    • 3rd Grade: 78th percentile
    • 4th Grade: 80th percentile
    • 5th Grade: 81st percentile


    Raise the average percentile rank for all students from 55th percentile to the 65th percentile of the nation by May 2017.

    Winter Checkup for Reading:

    • K and 1st Grade: Not measured by percentiles
    • 2nd Grade: 67th percentile
    • 3rd Grade: 69th percentile
    • 4th Grade: 66th percentile
    • 5th Grade: 64th percentile

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