Introduction and characteristics

New smartphone from Apple: faster your processor, sapphire crystal display, dual-lens camera, iOS 10 new Lifi wireless connectivity technology and improved Amoled screen. These would be some of the major developments that could bring the next model.

IPHONE 7 official video by Apple- IPHONE 7 plus IOS 9 trailer *Secret*


The new rumors suggest that the iPhone 7 will be waterproof. Today when the competitors like Sony, Samsung and other rivals already have their flagship smartphones launched in the market, Apple can’t afford to not having new iPhone waterproofed. The tech giant needs to implement this technology to the new iPhone to stay competitive.


Changes ports or connectors can be a nuisance for the user, especially in the period of coexistence of both formats. On the other hand, those who have invested good money on quality headphones, despite the adapter will have a bittersweet feeling. The unknowns of the battery and audio quality: in this alleged change are two unknowns for the user, and is to know the impact on the iPhone battery of a Bluetooth headset, and on the other, concerning a possible reduction in the quality audio.