The Walking Classroom

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Thank you from the teachers:

We would like to thank you for your generous donation of thirty Walkits from the Walking Classroom. The podcasts contained in the MP3 players are perfectly aligned with the content we teach in social studies, literacy, and science. Once a week on Wednesdays, our class looks forward to a walk on our beautiful nature trail to learn about everything from the Underground Railroad to the changes in scientific thought brought on by Galileo to Rachel Carson. Each podcast also contains a message about the benefits of exercise and it effects on mood, learning, and growth.

We know this will be an investment that will be used for years to come for our students. Many thanks for your investment in our students cognitive and physical health and growth!

Mrs. Baxter and Ms. Hess

How Amana students benefit from your generous donation.

"Thank you for letting us use the walking classroom. It helped me learn while we exercise. It gets harder to stay still while working and not having PE, so the walking classroom allows us to exercise and not get hyped up during the day." ~Ava

"I feel happy because we can go outside and walk and learn about people and things. And I have learned about slavery, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, The Underground Railroad, Galileo, and Rachel Carson." ~Caden

"I like the Walking Classroom because I like getting up and walking while learning then sitting down and learning. The Walking Classroom taught me that Galileo was put on house arrest because his beliefs. Did you know that?' ~ Gabe

"I feel awesome after the Walking Classroom because then when I do a Kahoot (online quiz) I think more." ~Mary

"I love the Walking Classroom because we get to take a 15 - 20 minute walk which is really relaxing. Also because I feel more awake after our walks on the trail. The Walking Classroom has taught me that exersize and fresh air during a walk can get you healthy and fit." ~Gracie

"I like the Walking Classroom because I like going outside on the nature trail and I learned that the slaves attacked the weapons storage." ~Thomas

"I feel so good after the Walking Classroom because we just took a walk and got fresh air. i have learned that walking helps you focus. Did you know people used to think the earth was in the middle of the solar system?" ~Cody

"I love the Walking Classroom because we learn lots of things about slavery, Galileo, Sojourner Truth, and Rachel Carson. Since we are walking we remember more things about these people. I feel special because you guys paid 100 dollars for everyone to have a walkit. Thank you!" ~Joyce

"I learned that walking gets your body warmed up and energized. I learned about slavery stuff." ~ Lauren

"I enjoy the Walking Classroom because it makes me relaxed. I learned about slavery. I think it is unfair and I'm glad things have changed." ~Morganne

"I love walking classroom because it teaches be things I do not know like Sojourner Truth's owner lied to her about setting her free from slavery and it also keeps me healthy." ~Beatrice

"I like the walk-kits because I get my energy out and it is cool to see things as we walk and learn about social studies and science." ~Emma

"I'm thankful for the walking classroom because I do not have to sit all day learning. I can actually move and get fresh air." ~Itali

"I like the walking classroom because it releases stress." ~Grant

"I love the walking classroom because I don't get outside much and I can get outside while learning." ~Zoe

"We can be outside AND learn at the same time. When we get back from our walk we get to a Kahoot game to find out what we learned and that is really fun." ~Jackson