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Final Newsletter from Brennen Elementary Media Center


We have had a great year this year!  A huge "Thank You" to everyone, faculty and staff, who made it that way!

Richland County Public Library Summer Reading Program

Check out all the fantastic things going on at Richland County Public Library all summer long! There is something for everyone!

Books from students

Remember that all library books from students are due by the end of the day on Friday, May 16. iPads and laptops are due by Friday, May 23. Books checked out by teachers are due on Wednesday, May 28.


Thanks to Mr. Shea, we do not have to unplug computers this summer!!!!  If you have any equipment from the media center (document camera, cassette player, etc.) please send it down to the library with a sticky-note attached.  I need to be able to keep them safe, but give them back to you next August.

Treats for the students

We like to reward students who have taken the responsibility of taking care of library books this year.Each student who returns book(s) and/or pays for it, gets treats, stickers, bookmarks as our way of saying "Thank you for being a responsible Brennen Media Center user"!

Purchases for next year

It is my goal to have all books and apps that we need ordered for next year by Wednesday,May 28. Please check with others on your grade level and send titles of books, or names of apps that you feel your grade level should have for next year. Nancy Swanson works all summer, and she can make sure that apps are downloaded and ready to go in August. I really like to have our books ordered and ready for you and our students when school begins again.


By the end of next week, I plan to have an another set of 20 iPads charged, in their Otterbox cases, and ready! Mr. Shea and our wonderful PTO have been so generous to us! Our goal is to have a cart with 30 iPads available all year to every grade level. Mr. Shea, the PTO, and I are working hard on ordering them and getting them ready for you and your students.

More Reading Opportunities

If you are not already familiar with the South Carolina Children's Book Award Program and/or the South Carolina Picture Book Award program, please check out this link.

There is a fantastic selection of books to hold anyone's interest there. There are book trailers, too!

Visual Literacy

Congratulations to all of our students and teachers who participated in the Visual Literacy Contest this year. We had some winners in many categories. Thanks for encouraging your students to participate!