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Week of 04/05/2020

Learning at Home: We are in this together!

As I shared with you in last week's Panther Peek @the Week, Minister of Education has confirmed that schools will not return until at least June 1, 2020 to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Earlier this week, the Premier unveiled a three-staged framework for “re-opening” the province. Although schools were not named specifically, it appears schools would be part of the final phase. Each Phase can last 2-4 weeks with Phase 1 to begin on Monday May 4th.

While a further extension of the province-wide school closure was expected, we know this news is not without its challenges and disappointments. Staff in all positions have worked tirelessly over the past several weeks to pivot toward emergency remote learning, and maintain day-to-day business operations of the board. Despite balancing their own personal responsibilities, staff have risen to this unprecedented time, offering suggestions and innovative ideas to help us move forward in this “new normal.” I want to sincerely thank all of our Perth Road staff for their ongoing efforts to continue supporting our students, families, and each other.

As emphasized before, our priority is everyone’s health and well-being. That will remain our focus as we enhance our emergency remote learning plans over the coming days and weeks. Staying connected to our students and families, continuing to build relationships and being flexible and adaptable to our students' needs continues to be important.

To help us better understand the experiences of our students, families and staff learning at home, we will be asking everyone for feedback soon. We want to know about your challenges, successes and any suggestions to help us adjust our supports going forward. What works today might not work tomorrow and we need to continue to be flexible. We hope you take the time to provide us with your feedback.

Until then, please continue to follow all public health directives and remember to take time for your own self-care, an important part of wellness. Discover what helps you to feel good and recharge. If you find yourself or your child feeling overwhelmed, take a break and set limits to manage these feelings. If things become unmanageable or stop functioning well, please reach out to your child's teacher, myself, or a professional for support. We are all here to help.

Stay well. Stay safe~ Ali

Allison Croth


Perth Road PS

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Mental Health Week ~May 4th to May 8th #getreal

The theme of this year’s Mental Health Week is social connection. Connecting with other people and our communities doesn’t just feel good~ it’s good for our mental health!

• Research shows that social connection and social support are factors that protect and promote good mental health.

• Feeling socially connected means you feel close and connected to others, and you don’t have to be in physical proximity to nurture a sense of closeness and connection.

• Social isolation and loneliness are bad for everyone’s mental health.

It’s common in our society to ask people how they are. Unfortunately, it’s also common not to provide—or expect—a truthful answer. It’s common in Canada to say we’re fine, even when we don’t really mean it. Every time we just go through the motions, we miss a chance to connect with others in a meaningful way.

As we face the COVID-19 global pandemic, we need each other now more than ever. It’s time to #GetReal about how we feel and lean on others for support. This Mental Health Week, let’s say more than just “I’m fine.” Let’s have real conversations with our friends, neighbours and coworkers about how we’re all really doing. We’re in this together!

Math Challenge Returns~ just in time to celebrate May the Fourth!

Some staff and students have been missing the weekly math challenge! Below are two possible entries~ the first is a written entry (no correct answer required!). The second math challenge you will need to figure out. Pick one or do both!

Submit your answers to your teacher in your Google Classroom or send them to Mrs. Croth directly. Colour house points will be awarded:)

Online Learning: Honest Feedback from some of our Students

Here are some remarks that students have made regarding the pros and cons of emergency remote learning:


  • I am starting to get used to it and I get to Facetime friends.
  • My internet is pretty fast so it's easy to do things online.
  • It’s fun for me because I can do my work at any time of the day when i want to and most work has been easy for me.
  • The online school is working good and I am starting to get a system going.
  • I can call my friends if i have any questions and I can do it whenever I want.
  • So many students are participating!
  • I get to do it when I want.
  • I’m getting the hang of online learning.
  • I get to stay in my PJs
  • not having to wake up early
  • I get to sleep in
  • I can eat at any time :)
  • Working with my dog at my feet


  • My Internet is really slow so sometimes I have to stop and do it another day.
  • It is a bit distracting at my house so sometimes it is hard to do work.
  • Working with my siblings around can be tough.
  • My Chromebook glitches a lot and my internet is being slow for me too.
  • I can't really think of a negative thing.
  • My laptop battery dies if my computer isn’t plugged in.
  • Missing gym class and group sports
  • My wifi is really slow... so slow
  • I miss friends.;(
  • Not being able to see my friends:(
  • Don’t get to see my friends :(

I think we can all agree there are positives and negatives to emergency remote learning. Let's stay connected as best we can~ we are all in this together and we will be together again!

Stay positive, be patient and stay safe!

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PRPS Virtual Running/Walking Club

Students, families, and staff~ join the PRPS Virtual Running/Walking Club Google Classroom (class code will be posted tomorrow in your child's Google Classroom). Track your kilometres and help us reach our goal of collectively getting from Halifax to Vancouver by the end of the school year!

Get moving~ stay healthy~ stay safe!

Google Read & Write~ great add-on to support students with online learning

For students struggling with the increased amount of reading required in our Google Classrooms, here is something that might help. Google Read & Write is a speech to text app that you can download in Google Chrome.

Link to the product:

A video where I explain how to install it:

Here’s a great video for students to show them how to use it:

Please reach out at if you need support.

PRPS Panthers ROCK!

Hello PRPS Families! Thank you to those families that were able to paint rock for our PRPS garden. We have heard that there are still families that would like to participate so let's keep this going! If you would like to participate drop your rock or rocks off at the front doors of the school on Friday's over the next few weeks. They will be picked up and weatherproofed before being placed in the garden.

A few notes:

***Make sure you use acrylic paint (the ones from Dollarama are great!)

For outlines, or words, you can use paint pens! They are available at Michael's. DON'T USE SHARPIES, THEY WILL RUN WHEN COVERED IN THE SEALER!

***Make sure you write your name, on the rock and (if you'd like) the "Learn at Home" acronym which is L@H 2020.

Take a pic and send it to Mrs. Croth to be shared in the Peek at the Week if you'd like!

Remember PRPS ROCKS!!

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Financial Support for Families from the Ontario Government

While schools and child care centres are closed, parents can apply for direct funding to offset the cost of buying materials to support their children’s learning, while they practice self-isolation and physical distancing.

Eligible parents will receive a one-time per child payment of:

  • $200 for children aged 0 to 12
  • $250 for children or youth aged 0 to 21 with special needs

This funding can help parents with the costs of work books, educational apps, educational subscription services, movies and other tools to support learning at home.

Parents refers to parents, guardians, and caregivers.

Link to Ontario Government website

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Please click on the links for read helpful tips & information regarding Online Video Conferencing

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Mental Health: Online Resources

Kids Help Phone – Children and youth can contact Kids Help Phone 24/7 from anywhere in Canada, via phone, text or online chat.

Anxiety Canada - free online, self-help, and evidence-based resources on anxiety, including resources specific to COVD-19.

Big White Wall – A free, anonymous online community, monitored 24/7 by trained professionals. Not intended for individuals in an emergency.

Bounce Back – A free online or telephone skill-building program designed to help adults and youth 15+ manage low mood, mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress, or worry.

Moodgym – An online self-help program designed to help users prevent and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Food Sharing Program offers Contactless Delivery

The Food Sharing Project is working to transition its operations to support the students who would normally access school Student Nutrition Programs, now that they are at home due to

COVID19. They are implementing several strategies including providing financial support or food directly to community food providing agencies (e.g., food banks, Salvation Army) which are already distributing to families and providing grocery store gift cards and food boxes which would be packed and delivered to families by Food Sharing Project staff/volunteers. If you find your family in need of this kind of support, please email me directly , so we can make arrangements. Information about additional community supports for Emergency Food and Meals can be found at The Food Sharing Project at

or from the agencies listed below:

Partners in Mission Food Bank, Kingston – 613-544-4534

Salvation Army Food Bank, Kingston – 613-548-4411

St. Vincent de Paul Emergency Food Pantry, Kingston – 613-766-8432

Salvation Army Food Bank, Napanee – 613-354-7633

South Frontenac Food Bank, Sydenham – 613-376-6477

North Frontenac Food Bank, Sharbot Lake – 613-532-8855

Families can access the Food Sharing program on a bi-weekly basis moving forward. The health and well-being of all of our Perth Road families is a priority.

Extended French Immersion:

The registration process for extended French Immersion has been updated. Instead of filling out a paper application (previously found online on our Limestone website under Programming – Choices at 7), families will now fill in a google form. The paper application has been pulled from the website, and the NEW online google form will be available on Monday, April 20th.

Choices at Seven Extended French

Ministry of Education Learn at Home Resource for Families

The Ministry of Education made an announcement regarding learning supports for students during current school closure. The first phase of Learn at Home and Apprendre à la maison, a new online portal, will provide resources for families so students can continue learning while schools are closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Should closure be extended, Minister says additional online supports would be provided.

A Message to our Perth Road Panthers from The PRPS Staff
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Hot Lunch Order Update

With this week’s announcement of the extended school closure, will be cancelling the deliveries scheduled up to and including May 1, 2020.

They will be notifying parents of the cancellation and parents will be reimbursed for all orders placed up to and including the week ending May 1. Parents will be provided a credit on Lunchbox orders account immediately with the cancellation. For those who would like a refund, parents are asked to contact our team directly to complete the return of funds to their payment card (we do not save payment card information for security purposes).

Please note, their team is available to assist parents with any inquiries or to process a refund during the following times:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 2pm

In addition, your school’s lunch calendar has been updated to reflect the cancelled delivery dates and all vendors will be contacted.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact at 1.877.426.6860.

At PRPS we are committed to working together with all partners

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Perth Road Panthers Spirit Wear