Government Agency Administrators

by Tristin McCreight

Description of Career

  1. Work more than forty hours a week

  2. Travel local or regional

  3. Attend meetings very regularly

  4. Supervise staff members

  5. They can work in national, local , or state government agencies

  6. They work in many different buildings like federals and state agencies, museums and correctional institutions.

  7. Stress level can be high.

Why would someone choose this career?

If you are organize and want to travel a lot and they are good at presenting and can work for long hours.

Type of Education

  1. At least a master's degree

  2. Many years of administrative experience

High School Classes

  1. A foreign language

  2. Public speaking

  3. Statistics and probability

Salary Information

  1. Wisconsin

    1. $37,310 to $166,400 +

  2. National

    1. $45,130 to $166,400 +

Job Outlook

  1. Wisconsin

    1. Find great employment opportunities

  2. National

    1. Find great employment opportunities

Career Cluster

Government and Public Administration

Different Areas

There are many areas in the government which means you have a chance of scoring a hit in any of these different categories.
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