How Global Warming is a myth

class project by: Derria M, Brandon D , Jimmy S

Global Warming (SUPER FAKE)

Global Warming affect the temperature, sea level , wild life ,precipitation ,and humans health .Global warming isn't true .If Global Warming was true then it would have melted the ice caps .

Global Warming temperature

The earth's surface temperature rises , the air temperature drops down then goes back up , the atmospheris love wave tamperature goes up and meet with the air temperature .

El nino,La nina

The el nino has weak trade winds and la nina has strong trade winds.

Temperature Change

Over the last 15 to 16 years the temperature is rising and droping.

Climate Changes

The temperature seems to be rising by climate .Climate changes over hundreds of years and it heats the rising temperature.Which heats the ocean letting out carbon dioxide.Which makes the temperature rise.

Derria M. , Jimmy S. ,Brandon D.