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Week of August 10 - WELCOME BACK!!!

Welcome Back!

Hawk Band Family,

We are about to embark on an experience like none we have ever had before. It is an exciting time, a chance for us to become better independent musicians, and an opportunity to learn new technologies and grow. We are excited to welcome Mrs. Sue Manaois to the staff this semester as our student teacher. We can't wait for our students to learn from her and help her prepare for a career as a band director!

We will not be playing together for the first week of online classes. We will use the first week to explore what band will look like through Canvas. We will explain and practice the different assignment types we will be using and make sure everyone is comfortable navigating the band course in Canvas. Starting week 2, however, we will begin performing for each other daily, putting together virtual concerts and performances, and enjoying fun online programs like Breezin’ Thru Theory, Music First, and others.

We have worked tirelessly (and will continue to) to ensure that ALL of our band students have a meaningful band experience this year. We know it will look like none before, but that just means that we are pioneers and we have the opportunity to do something new and exciting! Please bear with us this year, be flexible with us, and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. We cannot wait to make music with your students and begin a new year together!


Mrs. Becker & Mr. Urban

Skyward/Canvas Differences

Yesterday I did something in Canvas to make it easier for me to add assignments, update grades, etc. so I would only have to do things once instead of literally 8 times for each class I teach. Basically, I dumped all of my Canvas courses into one beginner band and one advanced band course. They still function separately and talk to Skyward separately, but it saves me a TON of time. I did not realize that combining classes on my end would cause Canvas to look like band students were enrolled in a different class. The band class listed for your student in Skyward IS their actual band class. In Canvas, it will either say Clarinet for Beginner Band students or Varsity Band for Advanced Band students. I apologize for the confusion, but there also doesn't seem to be a way to undo the Canvas groupings. Thanks for your understanding and grace as we navigate this new system. It is going to be really cool!

Binder/Instrument Pick-Up Plan

All band students will need to pick up their new band binder on Friday, August 14 between 1:00-4:30pm. You will drive to the BACK of the school and stop at the last sidewalk before the teacher parking lot (which leads directly to the band hall). We will be stationed outside to hand off binders and instruments to you. **If this time frame does not work for you, please let Mrs. Becker know.**

6th graders who have rented an instrument from Music & Arts (for fall delivery) will pick those up at the same time.

6th graders playing oboe, bassoon, French horn, euphonium, and tuba will have a school-provided instrument to pick up as well.

The following 7th graders will need to pick up a different instrument (and return the one currently in their possession):

Caleb Abrha

Josh Abrha

Nikki Co

Noble Esayas

Nikhil Gillespie

Brett Hough

Amy Nguyen

**Any questions about instrument pickup/return can be directed to Mr. Urban at**

2020-2021 HMS Band Handbook

The 2020-2021 HMS Band Handbook can be found here:

Please understand that this year is unlike any other and our policies, procedures, and plans are likely to change throughout the year, especially with regards to performances when we are allowed to gather together again.

Band Fees

Band fees for the fall semester will be $30 for all students. This will cover their physical band binder with all included materials, a band t-shirt, and full year subscriptions to Breezin' Thru Theory and Music First, online music platforms we will be using throughout the year for virtual instruction/assessment. If your student is a 7th or 8th grader and your band fees were paid in full last year, you will receive a credit on your Charms account for activities we were not able to complete/attend in the spring. The credits in Charms will be reflected by August 31.

Band fees can be paid through Paypal in Charms (preferred method), with credit card, and by cash/check if absolutely necessary.

**Students using school-owned instruments (oboe, bassoon, bass clarinet, tenor sax, bari sax, French horn, euphonium, and tuba) are required to pay an instrument usage fee set by the district of $25 per semester ($50 for the year). This fee will be assessed in Skyward and payments will need to be made online in Skyward this fall. We are still setting this up in Skyward and will let you know when the charges have been applied so you are able to make the payment.**

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