First Grade News

November 16 - 20, 2015

Music Concert this Thursday - November 19th

The Music Concert is this Thursday. Please dress your child up in their holiday finest and drop them off in their classrooms at 6:45 pm.

Grades 1 and 2 students will present a formal concert performance on November 19, 2015. This concert series is dedicated to our fallen PWC police officers.

Here are the details:

When: November 19, 2015

The Grade 1 concert begins at 7:00pm. The Grade 2 concert begins at 7:30pm.

Classroom teachers will be available for student performer drop off at 6:45pm. Please keep all family members with you in the dining hall until that time.

Where: Our school Dining Hall

***All younger and older siblings of performers are to stay with parents in the dining hall during concerts.

What should our performers wear for these two concerts? This is the time to dress up (NO play clothes) Students may wear their nicest school uniform or a fancy outfit from their closet at home. There is no color requirement. Look nice! (Girls are to avoid shoes with high heels as this is dangerous while on the chorus riser steps.)

Concert songs: The concert songs are posted on the ES MUSIC schoolfusion web page. You are welcome to download these recordings for the children to practice at home.

This Week's Lifework

Monday is day 3 in Encore Rotation

Mon. Read 10 min.

Write words rainbow style.

Tues. Read 10 min.

Do math worksheet.

Wed. Read 10 min.

Write words 3 x’s each.

Thurs. Read 15 min.


Practice Spelling Words Orally

Fri. Read 20 min. Optional Lifework:

Write the word “Thanksgiving” down the side of one page in your lifework journal.

Write a word beginning with each of the letters in Thanksgiving telling something for which you are thankful.

Curriculum Corner

Language Arts - visualizing and analyzing characters, phonics - long a and silent e, Handwriting letter Ii, Turkey Writing (continue writing more complex sentences using "and".)

Math - Sort and classify shapes, repeating patterns

Social Studies - Now and Then. Looking at Thanksgiving, schools, transportation, communities and family life in the past and now.

Spelling Words













NOTE: From now on, we will be marking words wrong that have letters written backwards and/or with improper capitals on spelling tests. The children have reached a level where we need to keep them accountable to the proper formation of letters. Please encourage them to also write their letters correctly on their spelling Lifework.

Star of the Week

Mrs. Brandt - Lillian Gregory

Mrs. Buck - Miranda Davis

Mrs. Moore - Bobby Joe Ford

Thanksgiving Break

There is NO school on Wednesday, November 25 - Friday, November 27. Have a great holiday with your friends and family. Keep reading!

Lifework Pass

A homework pass is being sent home in the Friday Folders. You may use it for ANY lifework during the month of November (except for the optional weekend lifework). Please attach it to the lifework or inside the lifework journal and hand it in on the night of your choosing.

Yearbooks On Sale Online

Yearbooks are available online for $16.00 the entire month of November.
The cost will jump to $20.00 for all other sales later in the year.

For an additional cost, you can choose to add upgrades to your child’s yearbook, such as:

Additional Autograph Page $1.00

Current Events Insert $3.00

Yearbook Stickys (removable stickers) $2.00 Gold Foil Name on Cover $5.00

Please contact Mrs. Anderson at if you have any questions.

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Spaghetti Dinner, Holiday Shop, and Used Uniform Sales

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