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InPACT at Home

The best way to have children and teens learn and practice healthy habits is through modeling... and having FUN! These modules will cover topics that are important to leading a healthy life, whether you are 2 or 92!

Modules will be added to this document monthly, so be sure to reference this newsletter OR go to the InPACT at Home's website for more resources, including activity videos, cards and logs!


The importance of SLEEP Module

Did you know that sleep is essential to both physical and mental health? Check out the SLEEP Module HERE for more information on:

  • how much sleep adults and children need
  • how to improve our sleep cycles
  • how to incorporate activity to help with sleep routines.

Here is a SLEEP Challenge Calendar that includes activities you can do as a family in the morning and at bedtime.


Resilience: The Ability to Bend, Not Break.

Resilience is the ability to be OK when challenges come our way. This is important for children and teens (and adults!) to master as they go through life. How do we work through the stressors of life and still be able to stay positive and not get overwhelmed? The Resilience Module includes:

  • Finding our "OK" zone
  • Focusing on our thoughts and what makes us happy
  • Exercising makes us feel good
  • Mindful movements

The 20-Day Resilience Challenge Calendar can be found HERE and includes activities to help build resilience!


Feeling Good: A Sense of Satisfaction and Well-Being

People who "feel good" and have a sense of well-being live longer, and healthier lives! The Feeling Module offers ideas on how to improve well-being through 3 strategies:

  • Moving Together
  • Thinking Together
  • Being Together

The Feeling Good Challenge Calendar includes fun, family-friendly activities you can do together.


Focus: The Superpower!

Life stressors can impact our ability to focus. The FOCUS Module provides activities to help strengthen our ability to focus through movement, thought, togetherness and food. Check out specific ideas in the FOCUS Module for:

  • Young children
  • Preadolescent youth
  • Teens
  • Adults

The Focus Challenge Calendar includes activities that address:

  • Screen Time
  • Taking Breaks Together
  • Getting Active
  • Being Mindful
  • Focusing on Food/Healthy Eating/Cooking Together


Eat the Rainbow!

Nutrition plays an important role in our lives. It impacts:

  • energy levels
  • mental health
  • stress
  • physical health and our stress levels!

For more information on the Nutrition Module, click HERE.

Nutrition and Fitness Challenge Calendar focuses on family time, cooking together and meal planning as a family!


Family Discussions: Three Steps to a Successful "Talk"

As parents, we will often have important "talks" with our children... whether it is around loss, the breaking of a rule or changes in family dynamics. The Family Discussions Module highlights 3 steps to having a successful talk with your child or teen, while also helping you lay out some expectations during those conversations.

The 20-Day Family Discussion Challenge Calendar includes activities centered around:

  • friendships
  • strengths
  • feelings
  • the future


Family Team Building: Building Success and Conquering Obstacles

The premise of this module is that no matter the make up of a family, your family is a TEAM. This module focuses on teambuilding that includes moving together, being together and thinking together! There are so many ideas to strengthen your family team in this module! Check it out HERE.

The 30-day Family Team Building Challenge Calendar offers ideas (and videos) of being active as a family.

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