Mesoamerica Brochure

By: Sydney Eubanks


The Aztec's basic diet was corn. They introduced chocolate to the world. There main method of farming was building these fake islands that they grew crops on, they had waterways back to the city. They used this way of farming because of how simple it was. Created codiacs and popcorn! They also created two different calendars. They had swampy land for farming and the written language used glyph's. They were a Pre-Colombian Mesoamerican people of central Mexico in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. They called themselves Mexica.


The Incas had a pretty complicated time with farming they had to build giant stone walls to hold up the land there farm was on. They were surrounded by mountains so water and land was very scarce. They invented medicine, record systems, and brain surgery. They believed in human and animal sacrifice.


The Mayans way of farming was they would "Slash and burn" this means that before new seeds are planted they would go through and cut the plants then set the field on fire. This was a very interesting was of farming but the soil became very rich. The Maya people also worshiped corn! They were ruled by Kings and they had 4 classes; Kings-Nobel's-Peasants-Slaves. The Mayan people created the 365 day calendar and math! The Mayans believed that hundreds of gods controlled there lives.

Each Civilization:

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