Pet's Eye View

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Pet's Eye View

For this assignment you will look at the world from a different angle. Often when we are taking pictures (or "making images") we are standing up holding the camera at our eye level. Sometimes it can be interesting to move out of the comfort zone and become aware of the your world as viewed from a different angle. Think about what your house, yard or neighborhood might look like if you all of a sudden were very short or very tall.
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Pet's Eye View

Think about how your pet might see the world while it walks around (or flies, crawls, climbs) all day. If you don't have a pet just use your imagination. Using your camera, try to make some images that tell the story of what your pet sees during the day. Get creative! Crawl around on the floor, use a chair to get up high (be careful!), is it a lizard? lay your camera against the wall or upside down, climb a tree or lay in the grass. I realize it's very cold outside so you can stay in the house if you don't want to go out doors for this assignment.

Assignment Requirements

For this assignment you will need to turn in the following:
  1. 3 finished, edited images.
  2. "Contact sheet" with 10 images on one page (you can copy and paste them into word or put them together in GIMP or Photoshop, whatever works for you).
  3. Project submission form

Don't forget to keep in mind concepts we've discussed so far in this class.



Rule of Thirds




Line (Leading Line)


Artificial Light

Natural Light

Negative Space