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March 2021 Newsletter

Dear Families

Thank you for understanding and allowing us to feel the deep loss of our friend and colleague, Carolyn Strahs, during this past week. As the VPS receptionist, she was the calm, kind, and compassionate face of our school and played a very important role in our daily support of children and the community. She will be dearly missed.

Throughout the month of February, the VPS Building Council members also worked diligently on a parent survey to help determine potential improvements in communication as well as how parents can best be supported during this unique school year. Although the surveys are identical, please click on the button below which will take you to the link indicating whether you are a family engaged in the hybrid or remote model to ensure our data is gathered in a way that is separated by the experience families are having. Your feedback would be appreciated by March 15 so that Council can review the data at our next meeting and plan for a thoughtful response to what we learn. Thank you in advance for taking the time and sharing your thoughts.

It feels like spring is in the air. The increasing reminders of new life that come with the onset of spring, in addition to daily reminders of what is most important, are important to pay attention to. Consider this:

"This is a wonderful day. I have never seen this one before." ~ Maya Angelou.


Danielle (Danny) M. Dehm, Ed.D

Interim Primary School Principal

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Mid-Year Progress Reports for Remote Learners

At the District level, discussions have occurred on how best to report the progress of our elementary remote learners, taking into account the unique learning experiences that exist during this school year. We realize that interactions with students and their families are personalized and based on individual needs. The progress reports this year will, therefore, be adjusted to include a narrative on what is known about the child’s educational growth and will also speak to the different ways that students are engaging with in-person opportunities. Overall, the progress report will provide you with a snapshot of your child’s academic growth based on what the teacher knows about the student.

It is important to note that at the Intermediate grades with departmentalized academics and a slightly different remote learning structure from the Early Childhood School and Primary School based on developmental appropriateness, more specific information on progress may be able to be provided.

Parents can expect a pdf report to be sent directly to their email from the classroom teacher. Thank you again for the enhanced role that you play in your child's educational experience during this unique school year.

Invitation to a Virtual Calming Room

At some point in time, we are all faced with a need to stop, listen, and consider what we need most to be our healthiest self. As adults, we keep ourselves healthy by 'putting on our own oxygen mask first', just like the airlines references, so that we can be our best selves for our children and others. The resources available in the Virtual Calming Room are for you. Perhaps there is an idea included that you will find helpful for you, a family member, or a child. "Have patience with all things. But, first of all, with yourself." ~ Francis de Sales

Virtual Calming Room

Parent Teacher Conferences Set for March 17th

Your child's Spring Progress Report will be available electronically via school tool in mid-March. Parent/Teacher conferences will be offered on Wednesday, March 17. Please note that conferences will be scheduled upon parent request. Your child's teacher will also reach out to you directly if it is felt that a conference is necessary to share pertinent information regarding your child's progress. Phone or zoom conferences will be offered as an option in order to provide additional flexibility at a time of year that tends to be very busy for families. Your child's teacher will be sending you information regarding how to schedule a conference if you would like to request one.

For your planning purposes, please note that unless it is indicated otherwise. conferences will be approximately 15-20 minutes in length. As always, parents can request conferences at any point during the year should concerns arise.

Tips for Managing VLS Lessons

If you are in a standard grade 2 or 3 classroom, your child sees their daily lessons in a 4 square grid we call the "VLS." Every day the student is presented with 4 tasks in the following areas: Reading, Word Work, Writing, and Math. If it is easier for you, you could print this page out, and treat it literally as a checklist. If you would like to see the work your child's done, you could also review their tabs. You see, the VLS will open in a new tab on the Chrome internet browser [aka The Beachball]. As the child opens the associated links for these 4 lessons, new tabs open along the top, as the webpages stack on top of each other. A simple way to review your child's daily work would be to go back through these tabs and ask them about a few of them. Seeing the tabs means seeing the lessons, but each lesson likely also has either digital work or print work that should go with it.

Mrs. Michele Linse

Victor Primary Library

Who Won the "Soup"er Bowl? The VICTOR/FARMINGTON FOOD CUPBOARD, that's who!!

We want to thank everyone who donated an item which included: 207 cans of soup, 78 cans of vegetables, 22 cans of fruit, 99 boxes of pasta, and 105 other items for a total of 511 items!! Thank you again for helping others in need and fostering a giving environment here at VPS!

Take a Family Field Trip!

Consider a virtual field trip and fun ways to "get out" and see parts of the world you've never seen before! Google Arts & Culture has wonderful resources for exploring some amazing and beautiful places. HERE is the basic site where families can explore photos, videos and other resource links. Check out the National Parks Service site (via Google Arts & Culture) that takes people on virtual and interactive tours of different National Parks!

Safety Scouts

Safety Scouts are assigned strategic, socially distanced posts outside and inside the building. Their role is to assist in the safety of our students by making sure their classmates are acting in a responsible and respectful way as they enter and exit the building. Congratulations to the following third-grade students who were selected as the current Safety Scouts:

Blue Safety Scouts: Gia Arbore, Vincent Barons, Sancia Brescia, Zoe Bull, Matthew Calnon, Max Carter, Finley Cooper, Norah Donlon, Xander Donovan, Addison DuVall, and Jane Escudero

Gold Safety Scouts: Miles Edelman, Emersyn Kesner, Riley Moore, Amara Nhek, Maddie Picard, Grayson Potter, Ryan Saeger, Sophia Tuffo, Grace Repich, Emily Rothenburgh, Norah Steward, Lillian Videan, and Henry Young

Special MATH Announcement for Hybrid and Remote Third Grade Students

Starting the week of March 1st, your child will be starting a very important and foundational unit on fractions. The conceptual learning is new to the children and will require significant practice and review during their VLS days. The VLS assignments will maintain the momentum of the concepts taught in either the in-person or home learning lessons. Each VLS task prepares students for the next lessons. Thank you for your on-going partnership with us during this time. Your commitment to this process and reviewing the importance of completing these assignments with your child is important and appreciated.

Important Family Letter for the Next Grade 3 Math Unit: Fair Shares and Fractions on Number Lines

From the Health Office...

Please call the Health Office if your child will be absent from or late to school (even due to a medical appointment) at 924-3252, ext. 3412. You can also email: Please be sure to communicate the child's first and last name as well as the teacher's name. In the event of an absence, we also require an email or handwritten note with the reason for the absence upon the child's return. Thank you!

TIAS: Together Including Every Student

Together Including Every Student (TIES) promotes the participation of students with disabilities in extracurricular and community activities by creating effective, natural support provided by trained student volunteers. This unique program began in 1997 in the Brighton and Webster School Districts, and now is available in over 20 school districts in Monroe County and beyond, including the Victor Central School District. The goal is to provide a secure and informed environment that is also free from too much adult intervention, so children with disabilities can take part in traditional community and extracurricular activities in the most natural possible manner.

The program employs a coordinator to work in close conjunction with the school district to identify eligible participants, recruit and train volunteers, communicate with activity leaders, and make the necessary arrangements for each activity.

We have attached two pdfs from TIAS with opportunities for students. (see bottom of newsletter)

March Calendar of Virtual Events and Virtual Drumming Circles

From the AIS Math Department

The model we use in AIS math is a model that focuses on conceptual understanding. This is where we want children to understand the “why” behind a certain concept before we introduce the “how”. The “how” refers to a specific procedure for solving a math problem. What we know is there are many ways to solve problems and giving children the opportunity to explore, share, talk about and engage in math will allow them to think and not just memorize. Focusing on a strategy and not a “trick” that might not always work is where we teach students accuracy, efficiency and flexibility. The best way to support their learning at home is by playing games with dice, cards, counting and strategy. Have fun!

Want to Know What's Happening at VCS?

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Books for Babes

There is a quiet and understated program at Victor Primary School which demonstrated vitality over the years as it endured a number of changes. Books for Babes is a program that began approximately 20 years ago in an effort to welcome and connect with newborns in the district. By acknowledging a new parent in this most beautiful and important role with a welcome letter, the gift of a book, and a tidbit about the importance of daily reading to a child of every and any age, this gesture is meant to assure parents that their efforts prior to a formal school experience are significant and matter. Please keep this in mind and return the coupon below (or send an email) informing us when a baby has been born to a family member or friend and we will send out a celebratory gift. After all, the preschool years fly by and the babies of today will be here at VPS very, very soon!

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At Victor Primary School we are not only concerned with your child's academic growth, but also with his or her development as a total human being. This includes emotional and social well-being, a sense of responsibility, appropriate behavior, and physical aptitude. To accomplish this, we work together as a team to foster a "positively primary" environment for all.