13 Days of Siege at the Alamo


  1. Click the link below and sign in with username: irvingisd and password: lonestar.
"The Battle"

2. When the page opens, scroll down and click "START."
3. Then click the "Next page" button until you reach page 22 (make sure the title of the page is "The Battle" and the star at the bottom left says 22).
4. Listen to what happened at the Alamo (you will need headphones and to click the "LISTEN" button at the top left of the book page). Listen to pages 22-26 (you'll have to click "next page" when the it's done playing).

Monday - Thursday: A picture a day...

  • This week during stations you will create a comic strip to illustrate (show using pictures) what happened on each of the 13 days during the siege of the Alamo.
  • You will need to read "13 DAYS OF THE SIEGE OF THE ALAMO" (you can also look at the paper handout) and draw a picture on a comic strip of what you imagine each day looked like.
  • There is a teacher example to help you understand the assignment, but you may not copy anything on it.
  • A rubric is being used to grade the assignment. Read it carefully so you know what needs to be on the comic strip. The drawings do not have to be perfect, but it must be clear how they relate to what happened each day at the Alamo.
  • This must be finished THURSDAY. It is a test grade.