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February 2021 Newsletter

A Note from Mrs. Vlcan

As 2021 has proven to be a continuation of 2020 so far, I want to again thank you so much for all of your support and flexibility as we have made decisions that are not necessarily "easy" for families to deal with however have been necessary for the safety of our students and staff. Our students have done a fabulous job with wearing their masks and making sure their devices are coming to school charged each day. This is a result of you, as parents, stepping up and teaching your children about responsibility. I applaud you for your efforts!

Upcoming Events

February 4th - Return to School and back to GREEN

February 10th - Midterms Posted

February 15th - Presidents' Day - No School (possible snow make-up day)

February 24th & 25th - Kindergarten Fair

February 25th - Safety Matters Program

March 1st - Healthy Smiles Dental Program

March 12th - Last Day to Order a Yearbook

March 15th - 18th - IREAD 3 Test (3rd Grade ONLY)

March 18th - Report Cards Go Home

March 22nd - 26th - Spring Break

Poston Road's Vision/Mission Statements

Our Vision:

“When students leave Poston Road Elementary they are prepared for the next step in chasing their dreams."

Our Mission:

Teach for excellence

Inspire academic achievement

Goal driven students

Everyone reaches their potential

Respectful & responsible citizens

Safe learning environment


Policies and procedures

Skyward Family Access:

Skyward Family Access is a website that allows parents to access information about the student. For your login credentials - please contact Mrs. Markitan at:

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Enroll Your Kindergartener in the Spanish Immersion Program!

Did you know that people who speak more than one language have improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration, ability to multitask, and better listening skills?

Our Spanish Immersion program at Poston Road Elementary allows students the opportunity to learn Spanish through their daily subject areas all while mastering the same academic standards required by the state as the non-Spanish Immersion students. At the elementary level, the program begins in kindergarten and goes through fourth grade.

We are now enrolling kindergarten students for the upcoming 2021-22 school year. Kindergarten students must be 5 years old on or before October 1, 2021.

Enroll your child in Kindergarten:

To enroll your child in kindergarten, click on the link below:

CLICK HERE to enroll in Kindergarten

Enroll your child in the Spanish Immersion Program:

To enroll your child in Poston Road's Spanish Immersion program, click on the link below:

CLICK HERE to enroll in the Spanish Immersion Program

For more information, please contact our office at (765) 342-8408.

School Delays and Cancellations

If the district must cancel, delay, or release students early due to the possibility of inclement weather, we would like to make you aware of our procedures and communication plan.

  • Weather decisions are made by our team who monitor closely through both technology as well as by driving actual roads throughout the district.

  • When determining a delay, early dismissal, or cancellation of school, countywide weather conditions are reviewed. In addition, we utilize the National Weather Service website @ as well as a private product called Weather Sentry.


Before school, every effort will be made to have a decision by 5:30 AM and communicated to you and your family in the following ways:

  1. Staff/ parents will be notified through an all-call using School Messenger. (Telephone numbers are generated from our Skyward database. At your convenience, please check Skyward to ensure your telephone # is up-to-date for this academic year.)
  2. Communication will be added to the district’s website and social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MSD of Martinsville
  3. Communication will be sent to the following radio and TV stations: WCBK, WISH 8, WRTV-6, WTHR-13, Fox-59.

Early Dismissal

As weather conditions in our area can change quickly, an early dismissal may be necessary. We will make a decision concerning dismissal as early as possible, next, call parents through School Messenger, and finally, communicate information through our website, social media, and local media.

We encourage you as a family to develop a weather plan. For example, if parents or guardians work, where should your child go if there is an early dismissal or a two-hour delay? Please be mindful that weather prediction is just that, a prediction. We will drive roads, use science, and apply common sense before making any decisions. Please also keep in mind that our school service area spans many miles and while in your area it may just be flurries, we could very easily have icing conditions in another. We hope this information is helpful as we work together planning for inclement weather events.

Safety Matters Program

This year, your child’s school will be using the MBF Child Safety Matters® program (the Program) from the Monique Burr Foundation for Children. The goal of the Program is to help keep your child safe.

The program empowers children to spot and respond to bullying, cyberbullying, child abuse, and digital dangers. Most importantly, it teaches that adults are responsible for their safety but there are things they can do to help adults keep them safe. The Program is based on the latest research and has been reviewed and endorsed by national experts.

Why does your child need a safety program?

» 10% of children are abused before their 18th birthday

» 14% of children have been solicited online

» 28% of students have been bullied

» 90% of children between 8 and 16 years have viewed explicit material online

The Program teaches about these dangers by:

» using age-appropriate, easy to understand language.

» playing fun games and activities.

» providing take-home items to remind children and parents of the lessons and Safety Rules.

When children are taught safety information and rules to help them stay safe, they perform better in school and enjoy healthier, happier, and safer lives.

You can learn more about the Program at

What's for Lunch?

Did you know we serve free breakfast? This year, students will receive both breakfast and lunch in their classrooms.

Student Lunch prices:

FREE until the end of the school year

Breakfast prices:


Lunch Menu for the Month of February

*Note: All students will receive free lunch through the end of the year due to flexibility extended to us from the USDA.

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2 Hour Delay Days

When school is on a two-hour delay, students may enter the building at 10:25. The tardy bell will ring at 10:40. The end of the day dismissal times will remain the same.

Lunch schedule on 2 Hour Delay days:

10:50-11:15 – Kindergarten

11:15-11:40 - 1st Grade

11:40-12:05 - 4th Grade

12:05-12:30 - 3rd Grade

12:30-12:55 - 2nd Grade

Notes: There will be NO breakfast on 2-hour delay days. Also, AM Pre-K will not attend school on 2 hour delay days.

Healthy Smiles Dental Program

Healthy Smiles will be visiting Poston Road on March 1st. The following care will be provided on-site: dental check-up, digital x-rays, cleaning with fluoride, and preventive sealants.

Medicaid and private insurance accepted.

More information will be coming home in the next few weeks. If you have any questions, you can call Healthy Smiles at their office at 317-894-8370.

It's Time to Order Your Yearbook

Yearbook ordering will ONLY be available online this year.

Last day to order is March 12th.

Cost is $13.

To order a yearbook, visit the following website:

Order your yearbook online! Visit

State Testing Dates (Grades 3 & 4 ONLY)

IREAD-3 (3rd Grade Only):

March 15th - 19th

ILEARN: (3rd & 4th Grade)

Apr. 19th – May 14th

4th Grade Boys Basketball Schedule

All games will be played at Bell Intermediate Academy

February 6th @ 9:00AM vs. South

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Morgan County Family First Success

Morgan County Family First Success 7-17

Thursdays, Feb. 18 - Apr. 29, 2021/6:00 - 7:00 pm EST

Contact your facilitator if will be absent: Heidi Mikac, Mooresville - 317-831-9208 x 3110 or Niki Walls, Martinsville - 317-204-3860

Introduction - February 18 Bonding, boundaries, and monitoring. Brain development, the importance of family dinners, Recognizing and replacing ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) Meeting ID: 947 4787 8277 Passcode: 907499

Session 1 - Feb. 25 Noticing and Complimenting the Good Daily Noticing and complimenting, Reinforcing compliments, 40 Phrases that Praise, 4-1 Ratio positive to negative comments Meeting ID: 947 4787 8277 Passcode: 907499

Session 2 -March 4 Communication and Fun Family Meetings Listen, Understand, Validate (LUV), I messages, Family meetings, Avoiding communication boulders Meeting ID: 947 4787 8277 Passcode: 907499

Session 3 - March 11 Rules, Rewards, and Responsibilities Importance of rules Using rewards, Setting up a rewards system, Importance of responsibilities for their children. Meeting ID: 947 4787 8277 Passcode: 907499

Session 4 - March 18 Limits and Consequences Positive Discipline vs Punishment, How to use the positive practice to teach wanted behaviors Meeting ID: 947 4787 8277 Passcode: 907499

March 25 No Class Spring Break

Session 5 - April 1 Problem Solving and Win-Win Negotiation Effective Problem solving and "win-win" negotiations, Teaching children to pre-problem solve, Ways to say no Meeting ID: 947 4787 8277 Passcode: 907499

Session 6 -April 8 Stress and Anger Management Skills Identify stressors, Triggering relaxation responses Meeting ID: 947 4787 8277 Passcode: 907499

Session 7 - April 15 Contracts and Goals to Change Behavior Contract for change, Positive criticism to deliver difficult feedback Meeting ID: 947 4787 8277 Passcode: 907499

Session 8 - April 22 How Alcohol and Drugs Hijack the Teen Brain / Session 9 Choosing Good Friends and Monitoring Kids' Activities Bonding, Boundaries, and Monitoring teens to stay away from ATOD, Review of 5-C's refusal skills / Helping youth to choose good friends, Talking to friends parents about no ATOD use Meeting ID: 947 4787 8277 Passcode: 907499

Session 10 - April 29 Values, Traditions, Service Identifying family values and traditions GRADUATION Meeting ID: 947 4787 8277 Passcode: 907499


Please call in all student absences at (765) 342-8408 and select option "0" by 9:00AM for EACH day your student will be sick or late. If your student is going to be late to school for any reason, please make sure and let our office know ahead of time (if possible) by calling our office by 9:00AM that morning.


Students will not be called out of class until a parent is present to sign them out. Please plan ahead for appointments, as we would like to minimize missed class time.

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