Meet Felicity 1774

Valerie Tripp


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Plot outline

Exposition: setting Virginia Characters: Father, Mother, Felicity, Nan, William, Penny, Ben Davidson, Mrs.Fitchett, Marcus, and Jiggy Nye. Rising action: They where at the store. Then Mrs.Fitchett arrived, and was talking to Felicity father. Mrs.Fitchett told him that Jiggy had a new horse, and will bring him "to death." [book Meet Felicity page 8] Climax: Felicity new she had to do something. By the time she got home Felicity was practicing her hand writing. Then she stop and started to think about Jiggy new horse. And told her mother if she could go help Marcus in the store. Her mother said "ok" but she really was going to see jiggy's new horse. [Meet Felicity page 18] Falling action: Felicity did go to see Jiggy's new horse. Her mother told her to take Nan and William. Then she pass by Jiggy's hose and try to touch Penny [horse of Jiggy] ,but then Jiggy scared her and told her if you come one more time. I will kill the hores [Meet Felicity page 30] Resulution: She could only do one thing? Let Penny go. She cry but she had to let Penny go.[page61


Meet Felicity [book] is man v.s society because there's a man named Jiggy and he is against every body in the community. He is the antagonist in this story. The protagonist is Felicity.

Fun Facts 1774

  1. On 1774 in britain, March,31,1774 they had a Boston port act.
  2. Virginia earthquake in 1774.

3. In July 1774 a ship tried to bring tea into chaletos with similar results.

4.Founded in 1774, Harrodburg is Kentuky's oldest city and the coolest place in history.