8th GradeLanguage Arts

Stay Up To Date With All We Are Doing In Our Class!


Wikispaces is a site which allows our students to get online and work together to improve their own learning and to help with other students in the class. We use this site to post online discussions, work pages, and even reading and videos. This way students can all get online and collaborate with one another to get the work done. The site is also a great tool to allow the students to check the classes project anytime and help remind them of what we are working on in class.


Kahoot is a great resource which allows anyone to create simple review games and test questions in no time at all! Once the game is created by myself the students log in to the Kahoot website and enter the game number which I give them to begin the review. Questions are timed and points are given based on the students answers and speed. It is a great resource which allows for effective reviews of practically any lesson from the student laptops, tablets, or cell phones! Click the titleabove to check it out!
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Popplet is a tool which I often use when addressing a new lesson or connecting stories that we have read to one another. Popplet is a site which allows for users to connect main ideas with connecting and supporting ideas in order to create a big picture. It is very effective when connecting characters to events in a story, establishing which stories go together or are related, and much much more! Below are some videos and links to help explain and let you see for yourself!
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