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Today I am going to be talking about neurosurgery and what it is .I will be telling you the education /schooling , the salary ,the job and the main task ,and the skills needed .The reason I choose neurosurgery is because e it sound cool and I like learning about that kind of stuff .



The education is a big part of this job .To become a neurosurgeon you to you have to graduate from high school or pass the GED . Then you have to get a bachelor ,take a MCAT , complete medical school, and complete the residency program witch is five or more years .then you have to get licensed .Also additional years of schooling may be necessary if they are needed .Some of the best schools to attend are University of California medical center ,Yale University of medicine ,or the University of Miami school of medicine . These are just some of the many great schools that you can attend for neurosurgery .Some degrees needed are a medicine ,and a medical .Also you will need a GPA . You have to get a licenses and a certificate for this job. This was the education /schooling for a neurosurgeon.

Salary ,hours ,Free time

The average salary for a neurosurgeon is very high . It is 461,000, this being with lower experience. Neurosurgeons with more experience salaries ranges from 500,000 to 700,000 .The salary depends all on experience and who you work for .The highest paid neurosurgeon can get from 700,000 to 1,000,000 and or more .This also depends on the amount of schooling you have .For this job ,travel is not a big thing and depends mostly on were you live ,and maybe traveling for trainings . For this job most likely you would have to work full time or come in ever time you are needed .The hours that I want are from 8 to 4 but there are many other hours to choose from . Also with this job you will have more than enough time for your self or free time . Now on to the work place .The work place for a neurosurgeon will most likely be a hospital or your own private practice .These were just some of many things about the salary ,hours ,and the free time .

Skills Needed

Neurosurgeons have to have 3 years of general training ,and 2 to 4 years for neurosurgeons .But besides that not a whole lot more training ,maybe a training here and there ,but like for any job that's normal . The required skills are you have to be able to look at the body and not get freaked out .Also you have to be able to work in a team and function well .For this job you don't have to have a lot of physical strength.The only time you would need strength is for maybe lifting a heavy box of moving stuff .But in saying that you have to be in shape because this job requires moving around .These were the skills needed to be a neurosurgeon and how much training is required .

Jod Duties /Main Task

The main tasks of a neurosurgeon is correcting neurological problems through surgery. These procedures include back surgery ,removing brain tumors ,fixing spinal cord/column problems , cerebrovascular surgery ,pediatric neurosurgery ,and epilepsy related surgery . The definition of a neurosurgeon is a medical doctor or a doctor of osteopathic medicine who has completed five to six years of residency school that focuses on the surgical treatment of patients with neurological conditions . This is what neurosurgeons do and what a neurosurgeon is .


In conclusion these were the things you needed to know about neurosurgery .The amount of schooling .The salary ,hours , and free time, the skills needed ,and last but not least the main task /job duties .These were the many thing to learn about neurosurgery and neurosurgeons