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February 22, 2019 - Week 24

Well Worth The Read...

I found an article called, "Want to Motivate Your Child to Do Well in School? Science Says Teach Them This 1 Thing". It talks about shifting how we talk to our kids- moving from self-esteem to "self-compassion". I was truly struck by the author's viewpoint that focusing on self-esteem can be somewhat limiting.

The author gives four pieces of advice:

  1. Encourage them to support themselves as they would a friend.
  2. Watch your language. (not what you think!)
  3. When you mess up, fess up.
  4. Hand on heart, deep breaths.

This is some really well-stated information on how we think about our kids and is well worth the read. And as I always tell you, it is tough being a parent today. These are things that you can try as you continue to support your child towards success.



RE: Handicap Parking Spaces

Please remember that these spaces are reserved for those vehicles which display either a valid Handicap "hang tag" or license plate. The police will be called for any cars not displaying either of those identifiers while parking in our designated handicap spots.

We understand that parking here can be challenging but those spots are clearly marked and are not for general use - even for a quick pickup or drop off.

Thank you!

A Late Friday Addition!

On very cold days, when it is too cold to walk to the East HS parking lot for parent pick-up, we encourage kids to wait until buses leave to get to their parents. On these extreme cold days, parents can access the WMS parking lot at about 3:50 PM once buses are gone. This is earlier than normal to allow for kids to get safely to their parents safely.
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Jarrett Payton to Present to 8th Graders!

Jarrett Payton, son of the late, great, Walter Payton, will be visiting Wredling on March 5, 2019, to share his anti-bullying program with our 8th Graders. Jarrett is a sports anchor on WGN who brings positive energy to his craft. We are so excited to have him join us and share his message with our students. Special thanks go out to our PTO for covering the costs of this program!
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The Back Lot Off Dunham is Reserved - Including After School!

Please help us out by following the established pickup procedures for your students. The number of parents who are picking up students from our back lot area has caused significant issues so we are asking you to cease this practice immediately. We understand that pickup time is congested, but we have busses that need to get in and out, as well as staff who need to get to meetings and other commitments.

  • Bus riders will be picked up on the circle in front of the school or at the back of the school for some
  • Car pickup will take place at East High School
  • Walkers will depart at the bell
  • Parents should not be using the back lot as a pickup point

Thank you for your cooperation. The safety and well-being of our students and staff are at the forefront of this policy update.

Change to Academic Calendar

Due to having 4 snow days, WREDLING will be changing the date for the end of the third quarter to April 5. This will allow us to balance the number of days between the 3rd and 4th quarters.

Here are the updated dates:

  • April 5 - End of the 3rd quarter
  • April 8 - Start of the 4th quarter
  • April 12 - 3rd quarter grades are posted to HAC

The rotations for PE/Health will remain unchanged.

Middle School Transfer Requests

Families who wish to submit Middle School Transfer requests may do so beginning February 4. This request form will be available on the District 303 website through February 28. Families must complete a separate form for each student they want to be transferred. Requests are granted based on space available so siblings are not guaranteed placement. A written decision will be communicated to families before spring break.

Once the request is approved, a student may remain at that middle school throughout his or her middle school career, as long as the student resides in District 303.

Families of students granted permission to attend a school outside of their assigned attendance are responsible for their own transportation.

Students will return to their assigned attendance area high school regardless of the middle school attended.

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Wredling Activity Calendar

This calendar is always being updated!

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Preventing & Addressing Bullying: Lessons Learned & Resources for Parents

RESCHEDULED TO MARCH 4, 2019 , from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Thompson Middle School 6th Grade Center in the Cafeteria

Faculty from the Psychology Department at Northern Illinois University will present practical information from their research and their work as part of a U.S. Department of Education training grant “Project Prevent and Address Bullying.” Thompson Middle School is partnering with NIU on this grant project, bringing resources that will be shared throughout the district. The faculty will present helpful knowledge, tips, and resources parents can use when navigating bullying situations.

La interpretación en español estará disponible durante la presentación.


Angst Follow-Up Session # 3

Join us on April 16 to learn strategies to assist and respond to your child when they are feeling anxious. A representative from Tri-City Family Services, along with D303 staff will offer insight on how to help your child deal with anxiety.



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Revised 2018-2019 School Calendar

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