Morning Notes

Wednesday 04 May

Table Tennis and Chess Tournament

Hi everyone,

We have organised a table tennis and chess tournament. Details about the tournament are explained in the sign-up form:

The tournament will be held at 1245 every lunch time from 09 May to 13 May. Individuals will be contacted personally for the scheduled time of their match. All participants are kindly asked to donate £2 which will go to Mary's Meals.

Thank you!

Misha and Thomas

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Message from the GIN Club

Are you interested in helping the Halcyon community? Are you looking for a fun and rewarding project to complete your Service as Action programme this year? Then this is perfect for you.

Halcyon’s Global Issues Network (GIN) is teaming up with FilmAid to create a short and impactful film comparing a life of a refugee to one of a student at Halcyon. This film will be shown for the first time at its launch party on 20 June (World Refugee Day). We would like YOU to help organise this. We are particularly keen on getting Grade 8 and 9 students involved!

If you are interested, please come to GIN Club on Wednesday at 1545.

Music Showcase Rehearsals

They will be on Thursdays and Fridays at 1220, in room F04. Bring your ideas and plan your performance.

If you haven't been to a rehearsal and would like to play in the Showcase, please contact parent Cathy Smith who is leading the Showcase.

Lunch Clubs

Learning Space in B01

HalcyonBeats in T01

Politics Club in S01

Yearbook Club in M02

Off Campus

Wednesday: Grades 10 and 11

Thursday: Grades 8 and 11

Friday: Grades 7 and 11

Mother Tongue


Misha, Japanese in M01

Period 5

Isla, Swedish in F03

After School Clubs

Learning Space in the Hub

GIN Club in T01

Table Tennis Academy in the Stern Hall

Arduino Coding Club in B01

Today's Lunch Menu

Main Dish Option One

Thai green curry with fragrant rice

Main Dish Option Two

Thai stir fry with tofu fried noodles and vegetables


Avocado, basil and cherry tomato sandwich

Salad Bar

Mixed salad

Thai crunch salad

Thai cucumber salad

Thai mango salad

Hard boiled eggs


Coconut sorbet

How was your lunch this week?

Please take a moment to complete this survey on what you like and sharing with us your ideas on how we can improve.

We highly value your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you!