Mrs. Hepburn's Class Newsletter

September 20, 2013

Upcoming Events for the Week of September 23rd

Castlio will be hosting a McTeacher Night at the Harvester McDonald's on Monday the 23rd. It will take place from 5-8 pm. I will be working the event from 7-8. I am out on Wednesday in the afternoon for a SEGA meeting, Mrs. Bayer will be my sub. We will have a tornado drill on Thursday, which is our first drill since the tornado in May. I thought giving a heads up would help ease some of the fears our students have since the tragedy experienced in our Castlio community over the summer. Finally on Friday we have counseling with Mrs. Orzel. It's certainly a busy week.

English Language Arts

All of the students are working on a unit in health. The second grade students will continue to work through the food groups and spend time this week trying various fruits and vegetables. In the end they will write an opinion piece about a fruit or vegetable of their choice. Their spelling words for the week are: stage, wage, page, judge, smudge, ridge, ranger, badge, rage, ridge, sponge, urge, message, lodge, nudge and cage.

The third grade students will focus on essential nutrients in their reading and writing. They will use the writing process to research topics including important supporting details. We will spend time talking about interesting leads or bold beginnings to catch the readers attention and focus on summarizing the story George's Marvelous Medicine. Their spelling words for the week are: blue, true, statue, bluebird, avenue, value, argue, clue, untrue, rescue, pursue, issue, barbecue, continue, revenue, tissue, virtue, flue, construe, juicy, suitor, pursuit, suitcase, cruiser and bruising.


The second grade students are working on a unit that covers measurement and geometry. They are measuring various objects using different units of measurement. They are also working on their word problem extension and timed tests.

The third graders are working with Mrs. Warden on symmetry. In class they are locating lines of symmetry in various pictures and objects. They are also working on timed tests.

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