Child Labor in Asia

By: Piper Dowler

Purpose of Project

In To Kill a Mockingbird, There is a lot of discrimination against African Americans, which is an injustice. People think that it is okay to discriminate and strip away the rights of African Americans. For example, the jury treated Tom Robinson like he was inferior to the white people. They said he was guilty even though he wasn't and eventually killed him for trying to escape. In his Ted Talk, Bryan Stevenson talked a lot about different injustices all throughout the world. He talks about discrimination against African Americans and how we need to end all unfair acts worldwide. Injustices are unfair actions and violations of rights towards others. Child labor is a huge issue as well; children shouldn't be forced to work in harsh and unsafe working conditions because it's unfair to children and it violates their rights.

Modern Day "Mockingbirds"

Child labor is one major social injustice throughout the world. Child labor is the employment of children below an age determined by certain laws and customs. The victims of this injustice are children all around the world in places such as The United States, Asia, and The Middle East. Many people are in poverty and they are forced to send their children to work in unsuitable places in order to help and provide for their families.

Social Context: "The Disease"

The cause of child labor is mainly poverty. People can't afford to hire adults so instead they hire children to do the job. Families are forced to send their children to work so they can earn a somewhat manageable income to have all the basic needs of life. Therefore, this injustice is actually a symptom of a larger "disease"; it is a symptom of poverty. Children who work in these situations often get severely injured or even die. The United States has a huge role in this because there is still child labor throughout the entire world and its our job to help the developing countries try to end child labor.

Becoming Atticus Finch

We as a free nation respond to this social injustice in many ways similar to how Atticus Finch addresses his issues in his society. We try to stop child labor all throughout the world and help underdeveloped countries. Atticus Finch is a very brave individual; he takes on problems in his town and tries to conquer them. He's courageous because he was appointed to be Tom Robinson's lawyer, he knew he was going to lose the trial but he helped out Tom despite of the outcome out of the kindness of his heart. The United States is similar because we take on problems when they first surface. We are a brave country because even though it may be hard to fix problems society has today, we still do our best to take control of the issues. The United States could set up organizations and charities to help defeat all child labor in undeveloped countries.

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