La première année


Les nouvelles (News)

  • Please read at home with your child and don't forget to log it on the "carnet de lecture" (reading log)!
  • If you can't find the reading log or need a new one, you can print one from our school website under "premiere annee".
  • In language arts we are starting to learn about poetry. We will also be working on plurals and apostrophes.
  • In math we are starting to learn how to tell time.
  • Make sure your child is keeping up with their homework. Spelling and math homework are given each week!
  • Our second MAP test was given before break, please see below for some things you can do at home!

MAP Test

Here are some things you can work on at home with your child to help on their MAP test at the end of the year. The test is in English, and these are English specific topics so they will not be covered in 1st grade, due to our 100% French curriculum.

  • Contractions. Cannot = can't, did not = didn't, had not = hadn't, etc.

Notre horaire (Our schedule)


Blue folder is due every other week (signed & dated)

Spelling homework due.

Spelling test.


Spelling homework goes home.


Math homework goes home.


Math homework is due,


Library books are due.

Reading log sent back to school.

Blue folder goes home every other week with student's work.

A la maison (at home)

  • Practice spelling words all week and weekend.
  • Check the red folder every day.
  • Count with your child up to 100.
  • Work on addition and subtraction word problems.
  • Work on greater than, less than, equal to.
  • READ!

Spelling Words

This week is a review of all our words for the month. Every student should have the packet. Please make sure your child is practicing their words over the weekend, even if they've already done their homework. Many kids are forgetting the words by Monday for the spelling test. Merci!

Read to your child every day in French or English!

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