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What we think

We believe that science should not put limits on stem cell research. All the potential benefits are to good to limit. Although, we should not be able to clone our own humans.

Preston Bohland

Mrs. Harrison

British Literature

02 March 2016

Over the past few decades people have wondered if science should be limited. This is a very important and controversial topic because of all of the possible advancements we could make. Although it is very controversial because of the extensive testing that is needed to happen to see if it is safe. Science should not be limited because of all the possible discoveries that stem cell research can bring to humans and all the new innovators it can create.

For many decades now there has been many arguments weather stem cell research should still exist today. With all the controversy throughout the years many people have missed that fact that stem cells have an untapped potential in the medical field. Stem cells can transform and differentiate into any cell needed in the human body. Thus leading to treatments of diseases such as parkinson's, type 1 diabetes, and arthritis. They have the potential to treat even more diseases and illnesses which leads to scientists putting a lot more time into stem cells and becoming better innovators. As said by M Waldman in Frankenstein, “Modern masters promise very little; they know that metals cannot be transmuted and that the elixir of a life is a chimera but these philosophers, whose hands seem made to only dabble in dirt have indeed performed miracles”. Waldam is saying that today modern scientists don't have many exciting goals or limits to reach. Scientists today have a real chance of striking ground breaking medical science with stem cells. If people were to counter argue me about stem cells i wouls show them all the possibilites they have.

Ever since stem cell research came to be there has always been this questoin, who or what? Is it an actual human that is being tested on or just a thing. People that are pro-life belive that abortions are just as bad as first degree murder. You should not be playing with life or with God by getting abortions leading to stem cell research. Said in the GaleGroup article, people believe that human life begins at fertilization and that even embryos should be treated and have the same morals as a normal human being. People have explored this idea for a long time and there is still no conclusive answer. The article also mentions that the cells can be used for human cloning which will cause even more controversy and it very unethical.

Stem cells have the potential to cure diseases and have really help people in the long run. Since they are cells that can transform into any cell, they become a very interesting topic of science to talk about. Although, people believe that lfe happens as soon as you are fertilized and even embryos need to be treated with respect. With more and more research going into stem cells, more people are realizing that they can become innovators if they put in the work.

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Taylor's Essay

Beckham 1

Taylor Beckham

Mrs. Harrison

British Lit/p.3

02 March 2016

Stem Cell Research

In modern science today we have a research program called Stem cell Research. Stem cells come from aborted fetuses. Stem cells can produce almost every tissue in the body. We have the ability to make new body parts and fix people's wounds with stem cells but people have put restrictions and have stopped advancements with this new technology. Having set in place restrictions on this new technology, we can not move forward because people have morals and science has limits on what they can and can't experiment with. Stem cells are currently making blind rats able to see further, Curing alzheimer's, cartilage damage and diabetes. All these test have come back 100% for rats and animals but we can't start with humans because of scientific limits.

Stems cells have worked in some ways but not in huge ways. Stems cells have made tissues grow back basically meaning healing wounds would be a lot easier or healing broken bones. Stem cells have shown through experiments with rats that they could grow back arms and legs. Having this new technology allows people to

Beckham 2

explore with ideas and invent new ways to get stems cells to work. Not everyone should try to experiment with stem cells because it takes very advanced technology and you

can't just mess around with stem cells in your garage. People are trying to put limits on not experimenting further with stem cells because it is morally wrong but I think it's a great idea to experiment further with stems cells to better help the human race. Imagine a guy who got his legs blown off fighting for our country. He will never be able to walk again. But if we give him stems cells that have been found under the nails that make nails grow can be manipulated into growing other parts of the body back like arms and legs. If we have no limits with the science of stem cells then the possibilities are endless.

In conclusion, the advancements being made with stem cells could change human history forever and we could witness it happen. If we don't put limitations on the science of stem cells, we could help people who didn't have to lose their legs walk again. If we do not put limits on stem cells, people can invent with these new ideas of stem cells to make them better and stronger. If someone takes a strong interest in growing back skin and body parts they slowly become an inventor and make their own version of the product. Trying to put limitation on stem cells would be hard because stem cells can help people in so many different ways. Stem cells should never have limitations and should continue further research. Science should not be able to put limits on stem cells because holding experiments with such great potential to help the human race can only hurt us.

Beckham 3


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Preston Owens

Preston Owens


brit lit

02 March 2016

Is cloning ok?

Ever since the first book about a clone people have always wondered if we could ever have clones in the real world. As time progressed we have been able to clone many plants and animals. However the big one has been can we clone humans. I believe we should not. With the examples of slavery, crime, and moral right all three of these are a huge downside to all area of cloning a human.

For thousands of year we had slavery but after the 1800’s it has been illegal. It was wrong for us to use a person as a slave just by the color of their skin or their religion. For clones one of the areas that making human clones in human is we would make them be a slave. Even for the plants and animals we have now we make a clone of them just to kill them for a substance. What if we start doing this humans. For example a real human can't live without a heart so they go and get a clone off the street and kill it just because it not a human. Another example is in the book Frankenstein. While yes all the body parts he used to create the monster were all from the dead. What happens when clones do exist and they are just killed to help a real person. If you were to make a clone of yourself then what would stop someone from making their clone do all the labor and the person the clone was based on just sat around and did nothing.

Another reason why clones is a bad idea is because is the idea of crime. A person could believe that since they have a clone that clone could commit a crime and face no consequences and just blame it all on the clone. Another smaller example is a murder. If a real person went on mass genocide on clones killing hundreds would be in trouble by the law or would he be let off the hook because he only killed colones. Or reverse the roles on this would a clone face more severe consequences than a normal person would.

However out of everything about clones the biggest problem is just a morale problem. For example what makes it ok to kill a clone just because you need a different body part that clone can provide.

I believe that cloning itself is ok about the idea of animals and plants. But when it comes to people I believe that it is morally wrong to clone for the idea that there aren't enough rules in place.

Our Editorial

Preston Bohland, Taylor Beckham, Preston Owens

Mrs. Harrison

British Literature

16 March 2016

Over the past decade stem cell research and cloning have been very controversial topics for people. The Idea that people would use other parts of a human body to help others does have it's advantages and disadvantages. We are talking about stem cell research. Stem cell are cells that produce any cell in the body using embryonic stem cells. Clones are a living system that is genetically identical to its ancestor. Being able to produce such amazing products should have limitations. We think cloning should have limitations because you can make slave clones and that would be unethical. We also think stem cells should not have limitations because it can cure deadly diseases and heal missing limbs.

For the advantages of stem cells there are many areas you can look at advancements of science. For starter, the idea of being able to clone an arm any body part would be one of the biggest advancements in history. Another big area for cloning would be cloning plants and animals for more resources. We think there should be scientific limiting on cloning because of slavery. We think people would use cloning to have slaves to work for them. This could be a very big problem because this would be over using the power of cloning for wrong. “If you were to make a clone of yourself then what would stop someone from making their clone do all the labor and the person that the clone is based off of is just sitting there doing nothing.”(Preston O. essay) The quote shows one of the problem that comes to the idea of cloning humans.

Stem cells however should not have limitations due to the fact we could better help the human race by being able to heal deadly diseases or vital injuries to the body.”Stem cells have untapped potential in the medical field, they can transform to any cell in the human body. Thus leading to treatment in diseases such as type 1 diabetes, parkinson’s, and arthritis.(Preston’s Essay)” .Stem cells however do come from baby fetuses on the down side but using the stem cells without limitations would help scientist be able to find cures to diseases or missing limbs. “...Stem cells that have been found under the nails can be manipulated into cells able to grow back limbs...”(Taylor B. Essay) With this finding of these cells under the fingernails they have seen that the cells start to grow back with the other cells in the damaged area. Thus growing back arms and legs. They have also been able to cure diabetes in rats. They have also made rat tails grow back including the back legs.

Overall, with all of the potential advancements that stem cells can offer to the medical field, we should not try and limit the science that goes behind it. As with cloning we should show advancements but it should only be minimal until we can get better laws in place for a fully cloned human.