By Travis

The Corn In The Jar~Couplet

Spread the news near and far

the corn we colleted had fill the jar

the chickens now have alot to eat.

To bad the jar smell like sweaty feet.

Now they should lay alot of eggs for many days to come.

Or else our fifthteen chickens gonna turn into none.

They will be great for dinner especially Linner.

he is so fat and big.

Kinda like Jonny our pot belly pig.

I feel bad I really do,

But i love chicken for dinner how abot you.

Coyote Canyon~Similes and metaphors

Yes it finily here.

Time to go to Coytoe Canyon.

Three cheers as loud as carhorns.

Oh Chicken Noodle Soup!~imagery

Oh chicken noodle soup, How I love you.

You are so tasty, I never eat you hastley.

You also filled with flavor. Oh how I love you.

du du dee dee do

Plus the chicken is also juice,

And the noodle are always smooth on my touge.

Oh how I love you.

bu bu bo.

Somethings you need to know~personification

The stars tell us storys.

While the moon let us dream.

The sun wil guid us.

,And fire shows the damage we can do if were not carful.

While the rain reminds us to be carful.

Plus whith the sky looking down on us to do the right thing.

There nothing we can't do.