Frogs are the most familiar group of amphibians. They're bunches of frogs in this world that we probably haven't seen yet. Frogs are different in the way they live because some live on land and some live in water. They're also different colors like some are green, red and black, blue and black, black and green , and a whole lot of other color. Frogs are very important to our environment just like any other living thing, but frogs are a little different than most creatures.

Where do Frogs live

Frogs may be found anywhere in the world (excluding Antarctica), although most frogs are found in the tropics. Most species are found in tropical regions. You can find frogs in or near places that have water. Some frogs never go into the water they live mainly on land. Some frogs even live in trees. These frogs have tiny, sticky pads on their fingers and toes to help them cling to the trees they climb. Some frogs burrow. One old myth says that frogs fall from the sky during a rain. Actually these burrow frogs leave their burrows during or after a rain at the start of mating season. Because people seldom see these types of frogs the rest of the year, they imagine the animals fell from the sky with the rain. These burrower frogs live on land and have short hind legs and cannot hop. Frogs that live in the colder places hibernate during the winter. They either bury themselves in mud in a pond or marsh or live in a burrow.
If you're looking for a frog, probably the best time to look is at night with a strong torch - when you shine it on the eyes of a frog you'll see a little red flash (like a fox's eyes).

What do Frogs look like?

A frog is a small, tailless animal with bulging eyes. Almost all frogs have long back legs and short front legs, a flat head, and body with no neck. Adult frogs have no tail, though one North American species has a short tail "like structure". Most frogs have a sticky tongue attached to the front part of the mouth. They can rapidly flip out the tongue to capture the fly.
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What does a Frog eat?

Frogs wait patiently and quietly for their food. Their big eyes are on top of their head so they can see all the way around. Frogs eat other animals, typically bugs and worms. Frogs help humans because they eat so many insect pests. Some large species of frogs, like the African bullfrog, will try to eat just about anything, including other frogs as well as small fish, reptiles, and mammals.

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