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Born on March 15, 1767, near Camden, South Carolina, his parents, Andrew and Elizabeth, and two older brothers, Hugh and Robert, had emigrated from northern Ireland two years earlier. Jackson was named after his father who died shortly before he was born. Jackson spent his early life in the Waxhaw settlement located near the North and South Carolina border. Raised by his widowed mother, Jackson grew up with a large extended family—aunts, uncles, and cousins— who were also Irish immigrant farmers. As a youth, Jackson attended a good school and his mother had hopes of him becoming a Presbyterian minister. But his actions during his term in office proved him as anything but the "hero" he portrayed himself as.

Master Mind Behind The Trail of Tears

In 1838 and 1839, as part of Andrew Jackson's Indian removal policy, the Cherokee nation was forced to give up its lands east of the Mississippi River and to migrate to an area in present-day Oklahoma. The Cherokee people called this journey the "Trail of Tears," because of its devastating effects. The migrants faced hunger, disease, and exhaustion on the forced march. Over 4,000 out of 15,000 of the Cherokees died. All while Jackson broke his word "not hurting them, just trading land." Showed him as anything but a hero.

What A Hypocrite

The Hermitage is what Jackson called his beautiful and prized Mansion. The man people call "common" what common man owns a mansion that has over a thousand acres of land and over 150 slaves. He fought for the common man but yet forced men to do hardshipped work.

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