Mrs. Petersen's Class News

Week of June 1st, 2015

We are in the home stretch and what a BUSY last few days we have been having!
There are no words to express how much your children mean to me! I am truly going to miss them! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support this year!

Important Changes to our Upcoming Events!

Bethel has made some changes to Field Day! Our entire school will have Field Day Monday, June 8th. Grade K-2 will have field day in the morning and grades 3-5 will have field day in the afternoon. Here is our new plan for the remainder of the year...

Thursday, June 4th- Game Day- Please bring a board game or a card game to share with the class through Friday. Please remember to label your game with your name. Electronic games and games with lots of small pieces are not recommended. Be sure that you know how to play your game well enough to teach a group of friends!

Friday, June 5th- Under (and Above) the Sea!- We will learn all about our amazing Ocean with exciting Ocean crafts! Students will take a "dive" through each 1st grade classroom as they create an ocean craft with our 1st Grade teachers!

Monday, June 8th- Field Day- Mrs. Dobbins, our PE teacher, has an amazing Field Day planned for our school. Please be sure to dress your child in lightweight clothing and to apply sunscreen before coming to school. Mrs. Dobbins is in need of parent volunteers. Be sure to be on the lookout for more information from her coming home soon!

Tuesday, June 9th- Under (and Above) the Sea!
- We will take a dive into "Ocean Studies"! We will come up for air for a few "beach" activities as well! Please send your child to school with a beach towel to use as we visit the "dive in" for a viewing of "Finding Nemo"!

Wednesday, June 10th- Last Day of School- We will celebrate the last day of school by quietly spending time with each other before the long summer break. :(

The Low-down on the Lock-down!

What a busy day Wednesday was! I just wanted to thank you for your support and patience while Bethel was on Lock-down yesterday afternoon! Your children were AMAZING!!! Please give them lots of hugs and kisses for a job well done! I am so proud of them for remaining calm and quiet throughout our long dismissal!
I apologize for this being so short. There will be one more newsletter sent next week!
Thank you!