Tips for Parenting Skills

By: Madison Mentele

Parenting Now A Days

Parents today have more reasons to be anxious about their children’s well being than parents in the past decades. We often find it difficult to discipline and guide them accordingly as there are a lot of distractions that separate our children away from us.

Cell phones, video games, friends with bad influences, the internet to name a few, all of these lead our children to misbehave and become rebellious.

The Three Parenting Styles

Basic Needs for children

Physical- food, shelter, clothing, environment

Emotional and Social- love, support, communication, protection (but not over attention)

Intellectual-Learning through senses, reading, exploring

you need to nurture and love the child. You have to make sure that you can care for all the needs of a child. Before your child goes to school you should tech them somethings. you cant rely on the school to tech them everything.

Negative Reinforcement

Negative Reinforcement -A response aimed at strengthening desired behavior by removing an unpleasant trigger

There are 4 types of Negative Reinforcement

1.Natural Consequence- Child doesn’t want to put gloves on

2.Logical Consequence- Child spills paint on the table

3.Loss of Privilege- Child run’s out into the street

4.Time-Out – for every year of age they can be in time-out one minute

Unintentional Behavior

Unintentional Behavior is when the person engages into a group or fall in a certain habit that are acquired from others.
ex: If a parent swears and the child hears it the child might say the word. the child doesnt know that it is a bad word.

Effective Directions

1.Be sure you have the child’s attention

2.Use positive statements- say what you want them to do rather than what they should NOT do

3.Use clear words the child can understand

A.Please pick up your trucks

B.Do not leave a mess in the living room

4.Give one direction at a time

5.Give praise and love when child cooperates

ex: if a child is throwing toys make sure you get the childs attention and ask the can we play with the toys instead of throwing them.

poor disciplinary measures


2.Making Child Promise to Behave

3.Shouting or Yelling

4.Shaming or Belittling

with these poor disciplinary measures it can effect the child way they act and also can affect their emotional state.